Saturday, August 29, 2009

Silly Saturday

Gasp! What is it? What is it? Yoo see dat little ball on da floor? It has a little tail too.

Angie found it on da deck owtside. I made her go check it owt ferst cuz she's older an all. She prolly knows if we can touch it.

Is it safe? Huh Angie? Lemme see. Pounce!
What's it called? It's fruit from da Sycamore tree? Let's touch it! Ooohhhhh! It's furry! And when I drops it I like da noise it makes. Plunk! plunk plunk plunk. Hope yoo all are having as much fun as we are today.

~Beau Beau

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Whoopsy Wordy Wednesday

We jus made dat Whoopsy on Wednesday up. Cuz efurryting in owr howse seems to be whoopsy in da last few days. Now we know dat Mommie has her eyeballs glued to da puter an dats why we nefur get to go on lately it seems. We run aroun her an I give her da hairy eyeball trying to get frew to her hairy eyeball all dried up an stuff cuz she nefur stops lookin at it an well yoo get da picshure rite?

Speekin of pictures-- dis am my favrit spot. Up here. Up high on dis counter. Dis is where I wait for mine treats. It seems to werk furry well for me. Till NOW...!!!!WHAT DA?????????
I knew dare wuz prollems when we gotted shut in da bedroom when da beans left fur werk. We heard banging all day long. Den Daddie came home an opened da door an we ranned like crazy to see what happened (and cuz it was feedin time...) and EERRRRKKKK! All fings came to a screechin' halt when we saw.... Where da heck did mine counter go??? Someone tooked mine kitch-hen away! Oh nose! Where is mine treat drawer? Where is mine counter? Geez. Fings wented all whoopsy all at once.

Now Angie has a different take on all dis. She sashshayed her way ofur to da door rite frew where mine counter used to be an all she am worried bout wuz gettin' owt da door so she could see da neybers an go huntin' for birdies.

And do yoo finks someone could help Mommie pick owt a color for da walls since we cats can't see colors yoo know... We don't finks dat any of da gray colors werk at all. Good fing we don't haf to worry bout all doze fings. I'll find anofur spot to lay down.

I found a spot to hang owt alreddy. I'll jus stay here till da treat drawer comes back.

~Beau Beau

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesdays Worry

Mommie is going to da beach today. I hope she duzn't bring home any fleas. Yur not goin to dat stinky buggy fleat bittin beach on da sound are yoo mommie? Yoo goin to da good beach in Rhode Island rite? Da one dat costs more money to go to far from Connecticat rite? Make sure dare are no fleas on yoo. We gonna check yoo ofur when yoo get home. Stop at da door ferst den we will make sure yoo gots no fleas. Schmaybe yoo should just stay home wif us.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Finally Friday

Well it's finally Friday and it's been one heck of a long week. And it's been an efun longer month cuz we haf not been bloggin' cuz da beans haf been so bizzy an dey won't let us on da 'puter all by owrselves. We am tired of watchin dem werk an hearin bout werk. Fings haf been goin to yoo know where in a handbasket I tell yoo. See how dey haf been ignorin us? I been yellin for dem to let me in off dis balcony for it seems like furever! Hey yoo! Lemme in! It's been like what - way ofur five minutes alreddy!

So it's finally Friday an we want to partay. Let's get owt da nip an tuna juice and party like it's 1999 what efur dat means. Wooo Hooooooo!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Kitchen help

Well it looks like it am taking yoo a lot of time to pull deze floor tiles up. I finks I might need to jump in here and help owt a little. Yoo finks I could pull dem up using mine mancat muscles and paws of steel?
Mommy reely likes deze tiles but we gotta get new ones. We are gonna put dem in anufur room if we can pull dem up nicely. It am not werking owt dat way tho.