Sunday, February 21, 2010

Buggie Help

I wuz chasing a buggie da ofur nite. I get to chase dem a lot cuz dare seem to be a lot of dem in da howse. Dey move reel slow but den dey fly away some times. Duz any of yoo know what kind of buggie dis is? I don't want to be eatin' no bad buggie or nuffin like dat. Fank yoo. I will wait afore I eats da next one till I knows what I am eatin. Mom wants to know if'n it tastes like chick-hen. Hahahah!

~Beau Beau da buggie eater

HOLY Crappity Crap Crap Crap - Pierro tole us it wuz a STINK BUG! EWWWWWW! We hasn't noticed it stinkin yet but schmaybe dat's why we jus keep pushin it around. Owr beans haf some enerjee peoples comin in dis week to check owt da howse an all da windows an stuff so maybe dey will tell us about da windows we finks da STINK BUGS are coming in. Someone replaced da doze windows afore an did a stinky job. Fresh air and stinky air from da peoples buring da stinky fire fing down da street comes in frew da window. So we bet dat somefin is major wrong. Ewwwwww Stinky bugs! Who wants to come ofur an pounce on dem an make a big STINKY MESS? Whooooo hoo!
~ Beau Beau da no stinky buggie eater

Friday, February 19, 2010

Getting Ready for da Weekend

I'm taking a nice long nap today to get ready for da weekend when da beans are home.
I don't like cushy beds. I like boxes and I finally found one dat fits just right. Cardboard keeps me nice an warm. Mom buys me all kinds of kitteh beds an I won't go in any one of dem. We recycle dem to da church fair or to da Humane Society cuz Beau Beau already gots his own bed he sleeps in. So when I am not sleepin in dis little box den I go sleep in da big bed in between da pillows. Works for me.

~Purrs, Angie

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dancing Together

I'm still being nice an finking bout Valentine's Day. Now wait a minute. I'm tryin to show yoo how too dance. I'm da mancat an I make da moves ferst. Yoo just wait fur a second an I'll show yoo what to do. Mommmmm! She's starin at me kinda funny like! Ut oh. Hey Angie we am aposed to be having fun. Hold yur paw up an don't try an scratch me.
Whoa! Get dat big furry paw outta my face. Back off Angie -- I'm aposed to take da lead here.
Ok if yoo want to lead yoo can. I give.

~Beau Beau

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Day in New York

Da beans spent Valentine's Day in New York City an all we got were deze picshures! Macy's windows. Always da best. Yes, Love is always da best fing right?

Den dey went by a Mercedez Benz Fashun Show. Mom says she jus wants da Mercedez, not da clothes. Cough, cough, um Mom, yoo could yoose some fashun, yoo know?
Yoo not as bad as dis "swamp fing" guy but yur closet could be better. Jus sayin.
Da Swamp guy wuz akshully from Army an Navy Outfitters store givin away $10 gif cards. Mom wuz more interested in him cuz she wouldn't know a design purson or a model if dey screamed at her who dey were. But she did see some lady get owt of a limo who had da bestest lookin' calves on a purrson she efur seen. She wuz inspired to start workin owt so her leggies could look like dat. Well yoo know we cats alreddy haf da bestest leggies dat Mom gets to look at effury day so dat lady's musta been pawsome!

Den Mom saw dis pretty lady in da prettiest pink coat! We knew Skeezix would just be so in love wif dis dat she hadda take a picshure of it for him. Schmaybe he could make a copy of it to model.

What would Valentine's day be wifout a big heart? Peoples were lining up in front of it in da middle of Times Square so dey could get dare picshure taken dare.

Da best part wuz da food from Becco in NYC. Da beans like to go dare when dey go to da city cuz da food is soooooo good. One of da pasta's of da day wuz speshul Valentine ravioli stuff wif goat cheese an shaped like hearts. Dey ate efurryting on da plate an did not bring us home a taste at all. We finks we should protest a little about da food dat we do not get any of. Schmaybe dey could get a kittie bag to go? Yoo know, jus like a doggie bag but smaller?

Hope you all had a nice Valentine's Day. We got lots of smoochies when dey finally got home an fed us. Loves to all!

~Beau Beau an Angie

Friday, February 12, 2010

Fine Friday with Angie

Yoo know how in cat language dat we show owr butts to one another to say hello? Well, here's a hello to yoo on dis fine Friday! How do yoo like dem panty-loons?

I'm kissin up to and thanking my nice wood pile for helping to keep us warm dis winter. Dis is what will go in da big hole in da chimney and make big popping noises. Well, it akshully does not do too much heating up cuz it is not a fire thingy wood stove thingy, but a look at da nice fire and it is warm if yoo sit right in front of it thingy.

I love sunning up on my warm wood. Mommie counted da rings and dis tree wuz fifty years old. Dat's just about rite cuz dat's how old owr howse is too. It wuz a diseased Ash tree and it had to come down. Now owr Food Man Daddie has to chop it all up so we can use it next year.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Toes of Angie

Da heck wif da Angelica fing. Speshully when I gots all dese long furs in between my toes. No wonder it takes me so long to take a baff. Mom says I'm always chewin on my toe furs. Is dat like chewin yur nails yoo finks?


Almost Wordless Wednesday wif Angie

Who can be wordless wif all dis static electricity? I am gettin zapped all da time. Plus, da dry air made mine Mommie so sicky so she didn't efun put on my Tuesday Toesies picshure. She promised she would put it on Thursday instead. Daddie is a sicky too. But he still does what he is aposed to like keepin owr dish full except for today when she wuz home. Yoo shoulda seen what she did to owr raw chick-hen! Hello!... how long do yoo finks yoo can warm up one chick-hen thigh afore it cooks into hard little nuggets dat we could not efun chew or swallow?

Schmaybe all da snow comin' will make mine furs calm down.

~Purrs, from da snow Princess, Angelica

Monday, February 08, 2010

Mancat Monday NOT

Dis is Day One of Angie's week. Beau Beau has had enuff time on da blog lately an he is takin da week off bloggin while Mommie takes some modelin' fotos of him. It's harder to get fotos of me coz I do funny fings like gettin' mine furs stuck in my mouf as yoo can see in today's Angie Design Image #1. I like to fink of dis one as advertizing for eye liner.

Angelica (I am using my full name for modeling purpusses) aka Angie

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Photo Hunt: Average

I don't know Beau Beau, yoo finks we should leave dis average sized Pumpkin Cookie or should we eat it?
It's da only one left cuz dey were so good efurryone ated dem. How bout jus a little bite?
Da recipe for da cinnamon frosting for da cookie is on Mommie's picshure bloggie.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Fevvers and Fings on Friday

We were furry sad cuz Mommie's werk took away da green papers dis year for efurryone. It is kinda funny dat dey told efurryone what a great job dey did for dem and den gave dem less. We am scratchin owr heads at dat one. We 'preciate owr Mom bean cuz we know how much werk she duz.

So we wuz sad for a day an now we gonna be happy an finks hard bout doin ofur fings to make up for da loss. I got it! I can make green papers by modelin' mine man cat cuteness. Yeah, dat's a good jobbie rite?

For some more happy fings, here are some picshures of owr fevvers in da yard. Da almost meal. Heh heh.

Dis one is a little blurry but it's what Mommie calls "Woody Woodpecker". Him has a red hed an he yells and makes loud chippin noises when he comes to get his food.
Here he is below again sharin da table wif da Blue Jay. Da Blue Jay's scream efun louder afore dey come to get dare food so dey can tell all da ofur birdies where it is. Kind of like netwerking for a new job rite?
It's gonna snow again tonite so da birdies will be coming for more food. Mom will fill up da table again so all birdies come on in! We like to share owr food.

Too bad more werk places do not know dat when yoo share more yoo get more in return. Da more yoo take away da less yoo get back. It's da law of attrackshun in ackshun.

Keep tuned for a week of Angie modelin picshures. It is not too easy to get pretty picshures of her cuz she keeps moving her head. But Mom got some good ones of her dat she wants to share.

Purrs, and keep smilin'!
Beau Beau an Angie

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Tuesdays Tales

The Mommer had gone away AGAIN! She is back not but but dis is da unbeeleevable story she told us bout her spa day wif her furriends. Ferst, she said she went swimmin at da spa. Dat means it has lots of water at da spa. Dat would not be a good fing for us. She can go an splash in da water all she wants. We do not care. She efun sat in lots of hot water. Why would we want to get in more hot water den we get into sometimes owrselfs? Den she gotted oil put in all her hed furs. What??? Who would want oil all frew dare furs? Dis is also not a good fing for kittehs. Den she gotted sugar rubbed on her legs an paint put on her human nails. WTH? Now we haf heard some kittehs gettin dare paw nails painted. But sugar rubbed on owr legs is not somefin we efur want done to us. We finks she has gone batty to haf deze crazy fings done to her. She says she had a good time but we finks it is better to stay home where it is dry an no one puts fings in and on owr furs. Geez, what will she come up wif next?

~Beau Beau & Angie