Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy 2012 Everyone!

Oh yeah - dis is gonna be a good year.  Owr predikshun is dat it will be a year of change, a year of seeing fings in a different way, a year of opening owr minds to new furriends, new oppurr-tuna-ties, new light in owr lives and plenty of joy.  And da best fing of all dis new 2012 year will be lots of LOVE!
Peas to yoo all :-)

Beau Beau and Angie and da beans

Friday, December 30, 2011

Farting Around on Friday

Yep, not doing much lately on da blogosphere.  We haf not been posting a lot but I finks I found a new way to post.  I just lay on da keyboard an breve heavy an it makes da keys move.  Or what werks better is dat it makes da lady finally put a picshure of me on here.  Duzn't she know I misses all my furriends?  Hey lady!  Get typing to my furriends will ya?

~Beau Beau

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Happy Holiday to everyone!  Blessings to you all in this very special time of year.  Spread the love and cheer around as best as you can.  No matter who is celebrating what this time of year, we are all special and unique.  Be kind, be loved as you are all loved.

Beau Beau and Angie:
We gots flowers from Sisfur Heather and me finks da box is da best part.  Look how I fits purrfectly in it!   ~Beau Beau

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Chrissymouse Carol on Sunday

I haf a wish for a warm cat bed for Chrissymouse Day.  For now I haf to be happy wif laying on da floor fing where da heat comes owt.  So here goes my Chrissymouse carol (taken from da book Catmas Carols by Laurie Loughlin).  ("Away in a Manger").

Awake in a Cat Bed

Awake in a cat bed,
She can't go to sleep.
She's thinking of cat toys
That she'd like to keep.
She's seen them in catalogs
And on TV,
And she's left her Christmas list
pinned to the tree.

A catnip-filled heart and
A long piece of string,
A large kitty condo
With everything,
Cat videotapes and
A brush for her fur,
She's hoping that Santa
Will bring these for her.

~Purrs, Angie

Sunday, December 04, 2011

It's Angie's Gotcha Day!

Well, fank you FB furriends!  Mine Momma almost forgotted mine gotcha day!  And dat is so increddible since it one of da biggest and bestest events in her whole life when she found me at da shelter.
I know some of yoo know da story, but here it is again.

Mine Meowmom had been going frew some changes in her life when she mooved in wif Daddy and our hyooman sisfur.  She missed her cat from before but it just wasn't da rite timing when she ferst mooved into da new place.  Den after a while and some life changing events,  space opened up in her universe for some new furry love.  Mom started having dreams of a fluffy white kitteh.  Now she was surprised about dis cuz her cat from before was a handsome black and white, sweet as could be Tuxie (dats why she always goes squeeeee when she sees one of da tuxie cat blogging kittehs).

She became obsessed wif da thot of a furry white kitteh and started looking on da 'puter at all da kittehs in da local shelter, and   She could not stop thinking bout da white kitteh.  Finally, she went to da Meriden Animal shelter wif owr Dad and who do yoo finks dey found?  Yeah, it was da big mouf Beau Beau.  He was six months old, short white haired, he was sweet, he cuddled up all sweet like in Daddies arms and Daddy fell in love wif him instantly.  But wait!  Wuzn't it Mom dat wanted a LONG haired white kitteh she was lookin for?  So, for a while she thot she had found da white kitteh Beau Beau da monster.  But Beau Beau wanted to play all day an he thot Mom wuz his Mom and he gave her dem big round eye look efurry time she left da howse.

Well, then Mom started having dat obsession again like she hadn't found what she wuz looking for.  Plus she figured Beau Beau needed someone to play wif besides her.  So she got back on da 'puter again and looked and looked and den thot she would jus go back to da Meriden shelter again to see who wuz dare (cuz dey haf LOTS of kitties there).

So she duzn't efun wait for Dad to go wif her dis time, she goes and does what ofur people haf said to do, she walked into da big kitteh room and stood in da middle and jus looked around and waited.  She looked and looked and den all of a sudden she felt some paws on her legs and she look down and dare I wuz wif mine paw stretched up to get her to pick me up.  She saw all dat white fur just like she had had been dreaming about.  She picked me up and I schootched up and wrapped mine arms around her and started purring and would not let go.  Mom almost started crying right there on da spot.
She had to let me go but she knew I was da one.

Da next day Dad came back wif Mom to get me and some ofur lady wuz dare trying to take me but Dad knew Mom wanted me and he ranned owt to da front office and grabbed da PTU (prizzoner transpurt unit).  Dat day tho it wuz a (Princess Transport Unit) :-).   He got da paperwerk all done and we were owt of dare lickity split.  It's like da Grinch who Stole Christmas story.  Moms heart swelled a Hundred Times dat day.  And, I am forever grateful for mine forever home and so is mine Mom.

Thanks for all your Gotcha Day wishes and reading mine story.
Oh and Yes, mine official name is Angelica but it just turned into Angie.  I still gets called Angelica by Daddy and sometimes by Mommy when she is yellin at me to come inside.  Dad sings mine name to me as "Angeleeka".  Yoo know dat when yoo calls someone all different names it makes dem a little crazy? :-)

Purrs and loves,