Sunday, December 18, 2011

Chrissymouse Carol on Sunday

I haf a wish for a warm cat bed for Chrissymouse Day.  For now I haf to be happy wif laying on da floor fing where da heat comes owt.  So here goes my Chrissymouse carol (taken from da book Catmas Carols by Laurie Loughlin).  ("Away in a Manger").

Awake in a Cat Bed

Awake in a cat bed,
She can't go to sleep.
She's thinking of cat toys
That she'd like to keep.
She's seen them in catalogs
And on TV,
And she's left her Christmas list
pinned to the tree.

A catnip-filled heart and
A long piece of string,
A large kitty condo
With everything,
Cat videotapes and
A brush for her fur,
She's hoping that Santa
Will bring these for her.

~Purrs, Angie


  1. angie, i hope santy claws bring yoo efurryting dat yoo want fur chissymouse

  2. I dunno, Angie - I think laying on the floor vent may be even more awesome than a bed... unless it is a heated cat cup!

  3. Angie, We luffed your poem! We hope you get a heated cat cup for Catmas!

  4. That was a great Chrissymouse carol, Angie!!

  5. Angie

    We think you are a Kissmuss Angel!


  6. We hope you get everything you are dreaming of Angie.

  7. What a nice list! Hope you get everything you wanted!
    Merry Christmas!