Thursday, May 18, 2023

Thankful Thursday Table trouble

Tommy:  Hey! I see you down there! 
Teaghan: No you don't
Mom:  Get off the table Tommy!

Short and sweet post today. We will be posting intermittently in the next couple of weeks. We are taking an overdue vacation that has been held off since 2019 and "the bug that changed the world" and our big move.  If I get a chance I will post some photos of our adventure here.  The Ts and the house will be taken care of by our new fabulous kitty caretakers, Teresa and Rob. They have been a true blessing and Tommy and Teaghan love them.  We are all so thankful for them. Have a great week everyone! 

Tommy, Teaghan, and Mom Brenda


Saturday, May 13, 2023

Caturday Art with Brenda's mixed media cat artwork

 Caturday Art 

For caturday art, here is one of my latest abstract pieces I made from an online art class that I've been taking. It's an  abstract mixed media art piece using modeling paste, metallic and regular acrylics, and assorted items including sea glass, jewels, stones, gold leaf etc. The name of the class is "Ancient Gold" in Maria Grossbaum's  Hope you like it! 

Here is how it looked at first after coming up with a design and creating a base on 8x10 canvas.

Pre painting and sealing. The idea is that you have the top with the head and if you flip it upside down you have a paw with the toes. 

After the layers of paints I created the mosaic with pink tumbled stones on the pad, and some stones I found in a local antique store. They were selling bags of stones like those I used for the toes,  some turquoise, and lots of old jewelry. I used some sea glass for the eyes and little rhinestones in the whisker holes. 

Upside down view to see the paw pad. Cute huh? :-)

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my cat art! Tommy and Teaghan are happy they were models :-).

Mom Brenda

Thursday, May 04, 2023

The T's and the Crow

Mmmrph, move over Tommy! Get outta my space! That birdie is gonna come and fly right over and I won't see it. 

This is the kind of bird we are looking for and a picture of it in our yard a couple weeks ago. A family of them have been hanging out at the top of the pine trees for a while now. We think they were nesting but can't be sure since we don't see that high up. 
Then, yesterday one of them crows flew into the window with a big bang! It got up and walked around the side of the house in a daze while we stalked it from window to window. Our Mommy tried to do an energy healing on it while one of its clan kept an eye on it from tree to tree until it finally was able to fly away. Then another one of them (an old ruffled looking one) came an sat on our picnic table, hopped into an empty plant pot and then jumped out and looked at us a few seconds then finally flew away. We are thankful the little one was ok and that it was able to fly. Hopefully it didn't hurt it's head too much and will be ok forever.
Mommy was so freaked out about the whole thing that she didn't even get a picture of any of it! 

Today we are thankful we are happy and healthy and that the little crow birdie was able to fly away with its crow family. 

XO Y'all! 
Teaghan and Tommy

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Monday, May 01, 2023

Awww Monday My Window

Tommy having a happy day

Tommy is going philosophical today.  

"The window to my view of the world outside. Is it real or am I just looking at myself?"


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