Monday, February 24, 2020

Tomas and Teaghan are Three today

Tomas (Tommy) and Teaghan are three years old today!   They are growing bigger and bigger but at a good weight for Norwegian Forest cats.  Tommy is 7.5 kgs and Teaghan is 6.4 kgs.  She is a little heavier than I’d like to see her but a lot of the weight is in their huge leg muscles.  Their hind legs are solid muscle and I could see them easily climbing a tree if they had the opportunity.  That’s not going to happen though since they are indoor cats but I still have an idea of bringing in a real tree that they could climb for exercise.  😁. Here are some recent photos of them and what they’ve been up to lately.  They talk a lot, especially Tommy when he carries his fake feathered birds around and now the little mousies.  Teaghan just watches everything her brother does. 


Tommy has to have his paw on me while I’m on the ‘puter


Watching an online bird show for cats


Classic Norwegian Forest cat profile on Teaghan.  Straight nose from forehead down.

They often walk together as a pair - reminds me of fish turning in sync 😁

It took a long time for Teaghan to relax like this all stretched out next to me.