Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday Tummy Air-O-bics part II

Air-o-bics Part II:


Well yoo canna see unner mine tummy, but yoo gets a good idea how long it is!  I did not haf a video of me playin Air-o-bics but yoo can get a purrty good idea of how it's done by dis shot.
Can yoo see da wall an how little space dare is if yoo duz a slide?  Yep, not much space between landin' and a slammin'.  Woo Hooooo, but boy duz it wake up yur spirit!

Notice how da front legs are extended properly.  Da back legs are pointed down for a smooth catch of da proper landing area.  When dry, an eggcelent landing is assumed.  When wet, lando, slammo.  Always check by jumping up normally to test da surface ferst.

Haf fun and post any of yur Air-o-bics form pictures for criteekin.

Beau Beau Bentley

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter Sunday

I think of the garden after the rain;
And hope to my heart comes singing,
At morn the cherry-blooms will be white,
And the Easter bells be ringing!  ~Edna Dean Proctor, "Easter Bells"

Happy Easter to efurryone celebrating today.  Da beans may not be haffing ham, so we am going to eat more  stinky goodness instead.  If'n yoo has any xtra ham can yoo send it my way?  I did get to eat some yummy ham pie yesterday so I am happy wif dat.  Mom looooves ham pie, pizza gain, whatever yoo wants to call it.  It's ham and eggs and cheese and some other meats dependin' what da fambly favrit food is.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wordy Wednesday - Mousies Galore!

We have been up to a lot in da last two days.  Ferst, when da Dad man came home da ofur day, he was reely surprised cuz we were not at da door drooling for food as yoosual.   He was worried and came lookin for us.  What he saw next was me, Beau Beau, runnin like a bandit across da downstairs floor a squillion miles an hour, Angie chasing rite behind.  'Acept dis time we were not chasin each ofur.  We wuz doin' da mousie dance.  Da mousie dance is what owr Dad caught da last act of.  He wuz not sure what dat furry grey fing was at ferst but he found owt soon enuf.  And to owr dismay, he tooked dat half dedded mousie owtside.  He felt bad for dat mousie but we wanted to play wif him some more.  And geez, he jus tossed him in da bushes!

Dat wuz day one wif da now dedded mousie.  We kep on da lookowt for more mousies.  When Mom got up in da mornin we wuz no where to be found.  She figgered dat we wuz on mousie patrol again.  No mousies in da mornin' but when she finally gotted home after a nasty day she had at werk I brotted her a nice present of fresh mousie.  

Hmmm, wonner if dare are any more mousies in da housie?  We finks we might haf to start bringing in da bacon mousies to support da howsehold wif da way da beans are finking bout dare jobbies. Jus sayin'. "Squeeeeeeek!" oops - gotta go to werk now!

~Beau Beau an Angie -- mighty mousie hunters extraordinaire

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kitch-hen Air-o-bics Lesson

Kitch-hen Air-O-Bics lesson 1:

First, yoo hafs to haf da shiney kind of counters - either gran-it or da kind dat looks like gran-it - mostly da kind dats shiney.  Next yoo has to get yur human to turn on da water (some of us likes to drink da water but mostly we still needs da humans to turn it on).  Den yoo gets da human to wash da shiney stuff.  Note: Yoo can see dare is a lot of human innner akshun here but it is necessary.
Next yoo takes a runnin leap onto da wet, shiney, counter .  What happens next dee-pens on yur kitch-hen.
We must gibs yoo a warning tho, cuz if yoo slides da wrong way yoo can go head ferst into da wall.  Dis may be 'acitin for some or a headake for others.  Da Air-O-Bics part is if yoo do dis on yur kitch-hen island.  Dis is a two-part man-oover.  1) Yoo slides reely reely fas, den yoo get an Air-o-bics akshun on part two.
Hafs fun wif dis game but stay safe!

Beau Beau- Level 1 Air-O-Bics instruktor.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Photo Hunt - Trees

Today's photo hunt is TREES.   Well dey didn't say dey had to be live trees did dey?  They are mine trees dat owr man had cutted down cuz dey were dying.   Good fing we had dem cut down cuz dey prolly would haf come down anyway in all dat bad winter wevver we had.
And, I smell somefin in here.  Someone has been in mine trees!  I'll show 'em.  I put my stinky all ofur da place so dey know just whose trees dey are rubbin against.

Go see some more photos of trees at da photo hunt place.

Hey - is anyone else having a problem commenting over at da Photo Hunt blog?  Owr typist says she sees dat there are comments but cannot see dem or make one.