Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Beautiful Bunnies

We missed Monday Bunday but couldn't wait to show you all of these beautiful bunnies.  Mom went all squeee-like at da Durham Fair in Connecticat dis past weekend.  She spent most of da time looking at da bunnies cuz dey were so fluffy and cute.  We are posting some pics so you can get all squeee-like too.  
Dis bunny reminded Mom of Angie.  She had da same colors and was all sweet-ums.  No on was allowed to touch da bunnies because of a rabies warning and dat was reely hard because the fur was so soooooft looking!

Look at her cute EAR!!!!  Squeeeeee!

Love Bunnies!!!

Look at dis beautiful Ginger bunny!  Squeeeeee!

Bunny wif kitty stripe!  Squeeeeee!

Look at da EARS!!!  Squeeeeeee!

All gray and flooooofy and one of da sweetest looking ones in da whole show.  He even gave Mom da blinky eye when she blinked at him.  Major Squeeeeeeee!

Here's a bunny wif a big roll unner his neck.   Don't know what da name of dis kind of bunny is but look at how cuuute he is!!! Squeeeeeeee and more squeeeee!

Full Monty Bunny!


Did you like your dose of cute today?  Smile and be happy!

Loves, Beau Beau an Angie

Friday, September 09, 2011

Till we meet again Miss Cathy

One of our most beloved Cat Blogosphere bloggers and one of the first, if not the first blogger we ever met was Mary Catherine Davis.  She wrote the blog for Beau, the Gentlemen Cat.   Miss Cathy has crossed over the people bridge.  Our hearts are aching, the tears are pouring, and we are rethinking how we deal with people while they are here on this blessed Earth.  Our deepest sympathies go out to Cathy's family and to all who knew and loved her. We'll never forget all the wonderful stories she wrote about Beau, the emails she wrote  to jump in and tell us about something that was going on in the cat blogosphere or to help spread the word about someone who needed help. We'll never forget her and the first Catolympics event! We thought it was the most fun we'd had in a long time.  She brought the cat blogosphere alive for us and helped to get us involved and heal our Mom's heart when she most needed it.   A beautiful soul has passed over.  We love you Miss Cathy and will miss you always.  May we meet over the bridge again some day.  As she always signed her emails "Blessings", and we say it to her as well.  Blessings to you my friend.  We love you.

~Beau Beau and Angie
~Mom Brenda

Thank you to Ann at Zoolatry  for the beautiful graphic for Cathy and Beau.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Mancat in Training

Hi effuryone!  My name is Zoom and I am the newest member of Beau Beau and Angie's Grammie's house.  If yoo remember Grammie and Dan had adopted two kittehs, Shadow and Indy.  I came from a household wif a squillion cats and wuz going to go to a different howse but when I got to Grammies howse I decided to stay.  I love jumping and playing and running from one kitteh condo to another.  I also like to jump on Indy's back just to get him all riled up.

Beau Beau an Angie's Mom Brenda met me on Labor Day and she gave me a man-a-cure!  I'm not efun a real man cat yet!

I let little people hold me too!  Only for a little while tho cuz den I like to ZOOM around da room some more.   Effury now and den I will make a guest appearance.  See you soon!


Friday, September 02, 2011

Fun Friday Chasing Birdies

HOLY COD!  ANGIE CAUGHTED A BIRDIE AN BROT IT IN DA HOWSE (coz owr human left da door open a little...).

Ferst owr Meowmie tried to shoo Angie owtside so da birdie would not get loose.  But guess wot?  Angie wuz haffing none of dat, she tried to hide unner da table to play wif da birdie.  But, wif Mommie pullin on her an trying to get her owtside Angie lost her grip and da birdie gotted loose!  Angie tryed to catch it again, den she came to get me.  I came runnin in (yes I was owtside...) an tried to help.  Ferst, I sniffed Angie's mouf to get da scent.  Den I jumped up on my scratchin pole.  We haf reely high ceilings so I tried to get as close as possible as yoo can see in da picture.  Daddy bean wuz dare wif a pole to try to push da birdie owt da door but da little birdie flew to da upstairs.  I ranned as fast as I could an I CAUGHTED IT!  I caught da birdie too!  But mommie wuz movin reely fast right behind me an she took it right owt of my mouf!  Dis all happened in da lik of an eye.  Next fing yoo know da birdie wuz back owtside.  Mommie let it go and da birdie, minus a few puffy little fevvers, wuz able to fly away.

In case yoo wanted to know, it was a female house Sparrow.  Dey live unner owr roof an haf nests dare so we know we will see dat birdie again.