Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Beautiful Bunnies

We missed Monday Bunday but couldn't wait to show you all of these beautiful bunnies.  Mom went all squeee-like at da Durham Fair in Connecticat dis past weekend.  She spent most of da time looking at da bunnies cuz dey were so fluffy and cute.  We are posting some pics so you can get all squeee-like too.  
Dis bunny reminded Mom of Angie.  She had da same colors and was all sweet-ums.  No on was allowed to touch da bunnies because of a rabies warning and dat was reely hard because the fur was so soooooft looking!

Look at her cute EAR!!!!  Squeeeeee!

Love Bunnies!!!

Look at dis beautiful Ginger bunny!  Squeeeeee!

Bunny wif kitty stripe!  Squeeeeee!

Look at da EARS!!!  Squeeeeeee!

All gray and flooooofy and one of da sweetest looking ones in da whole show.  He even gave Mom da blinky eye when she blinked at him.  Major Squeeeeeeee!

Here's a bunny wif a big roll unner his neck.   Don't know what da name of dis kind of bunny is but look at how cuuute he is!!! Squeeeeeeee and more squeeeee!

Full Monty Bunny!


Did you like your dose of cute today?  Smile and be happy!

Loves, Beau Beau an Angie


  1. That grey one is the most adorable, so says our mom. We're not sure what we'd do if we met a bunny. We'd probably think, PREY! But they look almost as big as we are. LOL.

  2. So cute! We didn't go to the Durham Fair, but we are looking foreward to seeing the bunnies at the Big E this week! :)

  3. SQUEE, SQUEE, and more SQUEEEEE! We luf little runny babbits!

  4. We only see a bunny sometimes in the back yard. Really only "sometimes". We like the way they hop around...

  5. Those are all cute bunnies. We would like to say hello to them.

  6. We didn't know Teri squeeed at bunnies, but she does! Just like your mom! We loved your descriptions of them all!

  7. She didn't bring them home with her?

  8. Now that you point it out, they ARE rather cute, aren't they? But there is a bunny who visits my yard every day, and I'd give anything to be allowed outside to chase him!!