Friday, June 13, 2008

Flowers and Fruit on Friday

Mom's Peony flower. She's takin pictures for a flashy fing class. I like to help pick da strawberries. Dis is not one of her picture examples coz I look too bright. I know I haf white furs but dey are not dat glaringly white!Dis is a Rose Glow, Lantana plant. Dis also not a good one coz it has da clothes line in da background. Geez Mom where am da good pictures?
Now dis one is Cat Mint! Can yoo believe it? It's not cat NIP it's cat MINT. Not sure what da difference is coz it makes me want to rub myself all ofur it. Dis is also where I go hunting for bees. See da little bee in da middle?
Haf a FANTASTIC Friday efurryone. Take time to stop and smell da flowers today.



  1. That catmint looks like the best and we'd like to come and rub in it too.

  2. those are really good pikshurs.

  3. Oh we loved dos pixchurs and we didant knoo yoo knew how to pick strawberries...hey Angie r yoo growin 'em too?


    Pleeze send Ping a healin purr, he put a hurtie on hisself...

  4. Oah My dear~~~
    Your garden must be the most beautiful garden.....So so lovely~~~

  5. Oh look at those lovely colors!

  6. Your mommy takes good pictures, Angie! That Cat Mint looks GORGEOUS!

  7. Anonymous11:57 AM

    Mom really enjoyed your photos. She wants to take a photography class, too!

  8. Momma's taking a flashy box class right now, too. Your mom's pictures are way better. hee hee

  9. Oh Angie, you are such a beautiful girl. I don't care how white you turn out. I think you are precious with your long white furs...Um why do you hunt bees? Don't they try to sting you? Your flowers are almost as pretty as you are.

    Great job!