Thursday, June 19, 2008

Angie OWIE progress

First, I felt like sheet. Mine eye wuz all watery and I kept squintin it.
After seein' Dr. Tobin, Mom has been putting drops in my eye. See this wuz this afternoon'. It wuz open more.After Mom came home from werk today it was open even more. Den I went to bed and tried to go to sleep.

Mom woke me up to look in my eye some more. Geez, she has no problem wif da flashy fing does she? No worry, da light and da flashy fing duzn't bother me. When I'm owtside my eyes are way open.See - it's looks much better. I'm hopin' it will be alla way open tomorrow.
Thanks for all the healing thots and best wishes and prayers.


  1. Oah Dearest Angie,
    Your eyes are still a little bit wierd, but it's ok~!!
    I am sure it will be recover in no time~!!!

    Purr and purr~~~

  2. Looks much better, Angie! Now it's just a matter of time and patience!

  3. It does look better Angie! I am still very sorry you have an owie!

  4. Aww sweetie I am glad it is getting better. Hopefully you will be allowed outside to play and lie in the sun.

  5. Awww Angie Baby
    What did da doktor say wuz wrong wif yur eye? Boo had an oopsie on her eye once...Momma finks I scratched her but she's not sure if that is what happened or not. But she had to put drops in Boo's eyes and Boo hated it. Boo said it burned when she did it and it was much better to juss leave it alone. But we is all sending out our healing purrs....

    Purr purr purr
    and Gracie

  6. Oh sweet Angie, we are glad to see you eye is doing better! We are purrring for a fast recovery for you!!
    Purrrrrrrrrs and (((((((hugs)))))),
    Your FL furiends,

  7. oh Angie, we is glad your purrty eye is feeling a little better. we hopes that it gets all way better soon!

  8. I am so glad you are doing better, Angie!

  9. Eye hurties are very, very uncomfortable. I am glad it is starting to get better now. Don't rub it!

  10. I hope your eyes gets better soon! It's no fun to have onwy half an eye open! Purrs...

  11. Angie, I am so glad your eye is improving. Purrs to you!

  12. Glad to know that your eye is getting better. Happy weekend.

  13. Oh sweet Angie, we are so sorry that we haven't been able to visit. We hope that the owie on your eye gets better soon.