Saturday, June 14, 2008

Photo hunt - Emotion

Emotion - Surprise. What's dat banging noise owtside ? All dat bang bang bang noise. Who can fink wif all dis noise? What am dem beans doin now?

I will haf Mom post a pikshur to show yoo what is happening owtside coz I'm not allowed owt dare. Efun Angie is in today. I should save dis for tattle tail Tuesday but I can't wait. Angie wuz a bad girl. She went owt of owr yard dis mornin to get a differnt view of owr howse and wented across da street to check it owt. Mom had to go get her. Now wif all da commo-shun goin on she is stuck inside so she duzn't go to someone elses howse. Plus dare is an evil introoder kitty dat keeps trying to beat her up IN HER OWN YARD! Can yoo beeleeve it? So just to be safe Angie is going to haf to stay in da howse for a while till da beans can figger owt where dis evil kitty comes from. He's a big un too. He made Angie's leg hurt from fightin wif her alreddy so we has to take strickt mezzures to inshure her safety.

((((((HUGS)))))) to efurryone today. We all needs to share owr love dis weekend and always.

Beau Beau


  1. aw, poor angie, give her a kiss fur us beau beau

  2. What a face that is!


  3. Oh No! The kitty hurt her leg?
    This is awful!
    Stay in Angie - be safe!

  4. Beau Beau, you do look a little bit nervous about all the banging. I am mad at the intruder kitty for hurting Angie's leg. Many {{hugs}} to you both.

  5. Inside is better anyway, especially when there are introoder kitties outside. Angie needs to learn the Ninja Kitty Kick of Doom if she's gonna be outside with rude furballs.

  6. beau beau, yoo luk like a meerkat doin the lookout