Sunday, November 19, 2023

Sunday Selfie and introducing Little Teresa Towel

Hey y'all! It's Sunday Selfie day and we have a new furriend who wants to get in on the action. Meet our new pawpal, Teresa Towel, named after our favorite furriend and neighbor who used to watch us when the humans went on vaycashun.  She gave us this cute look-alike of us to remember her by. 

That's not such a good selfie Teresa, you need to sit up a little higher. Get closer...

Teresa and Rob were furry nice to us and we are going to miss them terribly. Mommy and Food man Daddie are going to miss them and their fur babies, Etta and Kitkat, very much too cuz they are moving away. 

Ok that's better. Now I can give smoochies to little Teresa. πŸ’—

So here is little Teresa jus hanging out with us. Of course I love her best and I let her sit next to me while getting a selfie. Teaghan loves the real Teresa too so she has been giving little Teresa the stink eye when she comes near her. It could also be cuz she is waiting for breakfast #2 and wasn't in the mood for a selfie. 

Hey little Teresa, watcha doin on the floor? Are you waiting to be fed too?

Well anywho, we will bring little Teresa Towel into some of our future posts with some stories and adventures around the house. She will be hanging out on the oven handle until the next time we want to play. 😸😻😺
Have a happy sunny Sunday!
Purrs and love, 
And Teaghan, and little Teresa



  1. T & T...teresa iz my tee gorgeouz !! :) happee earl lee noe burd day two ewe all !! ♥♥♥

  2. Teresa is simply lovely fur a furry new pawmate.

  3. Sorry your friends are moving. That is a cute towel. XO

  4. That is so cool! I know losing neighbours you value is tough. I hope your new ones are nice too.

  5. We are sorry your friends are moving away but glad you have Teresa to help you remember them !

  6. Teresa is a sweet pal towel to have around!

  7. That's a wonderful selfie of Teresa, and a lovely gift from your friend.

  8. Teresa is very cute. And I bet she won’t try to steal your foods. ;)

  9. Teresa is so cute. We're sorry Teresa, Rob, Kitkat and Etta are moving away.

  10. Charlee: "Hello, Teresa Towel! Nice to meet you!"
    Chaplin: "Hey guys, ask Teresa if she knows Flat Tony! They look like they might come from the same dimension!"

  11. Teresa Towel is cute!
    Who will look after you now when your humans go on vacation, now that real Teresa and Rob are moving away?