Saturday, July 15, 2006

Happy Blogiversary Kukka-Maria

It feels about 100 degrees here and of course the beans are trying to save money (after they so generously loaned us some money for Kukka's gift) so they turned off the air box that makes the cold air come out. The only ofur way to cool down is to let the air blow ofur the great white expanse of my belly.
This is one of those instances where it probably helps that my belly is getting seemingly larger.

Enuf about me. Now onto Kukka's Blogiversary gift. Now since we somehow missed the gift registry early on, almost all of the gifts had already been given. So, me and Angie came up wif an elegant spa day for you at the Palms Resort and Spa in Providenciales, Turks & Caicos. The picshur below is of the completely private rooms where you can experience the pampering of your life. Since I had been there recently, getting myself primped up while the beans weren't looking, I can vouch first-hand on the luxury of the experience. The spa will primp you and cater to you in the way to which one as glamorous as you truly deserves and are accustomed to. Happy Blogiversary Kukka!


  1. That's a great gift Beau! I'm sure she'll love it.

    I wish it was too hot here. Well, at least inside. The Mom and the Dad love their a/c so it's freezing in our house. You're more than welcome to visit if you want to cool off one day.

  2. Wow! That's a very awesome gift. My human pet is now even envious of Kukka-Maria, but I told her that she because she is not as cute as Kukka-Maria that is why she does not get those kind of gifts.

    Was that too harsh of me to say?

  3. Anonymous3:02 PM

    That looks maaaaaarvelous... Mom has volunteered her services as a body guard during Kukka's stay at the resort. (We smell a rat...)

  4. Momma says you have one gorgeous tickable belly!

    Patches Lady

  5. Tank you Patches Lady. I'd efun let you tickle it. But jus for a few seconds then I gets all squirmy. Hee hee

  6. Oh my goodness. The Human hasn't let us on the computer for so long that we are way out of the loop in our blog reading. We just(finally) posted our gift to Kukka as our first priority. Now we see that we gave something very similar to what you gave her yesterday. We are so embarrassed. We need our own computer. This sharing with the Human is the pits. --Beau - Hope a cold wave comes through soon. You look really really uncomfortable on your back there.

  7. Wowie Beau Beau -- that is somefink! Wow can I go too?


  8. HOLY MOLEY! A spa day? My nails look hideous! I hope they will give me a good mani/pedi!

    You guys are so amazing! You sure know me!