Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Change a Pet's Life Day - Fun and Food

Change a Pet's Life Day

Fun and Food!

This insulated shopping bag has two meanings, one it gives an opportunity for some playtime and attention and two, nutrition. This is what keeps the fresh food fresh and what the food comes home in! Yay! 
Also, this is one of the differences of us living in the South. We use these insulated bags and coolers a lot more than we used to when we go food shopping. It heats up quick in the South during the day in the Winter and some of our food shopping trips are 30 - 60 minutes away. Too long to keep meats in the car for the drive home. Annnnd some times we stop for a nice lunch while in the area. :-)  

Teaghan: Hey Mom! We going food hunting today? We going to 'Teeters to get us some stinky goodness and some good chick-hen?  Just make sure you don't put any veggies in here so my furs don't get on it.  😹

Hey what you doing in there Teaghan? 

Teaghan wanted to play and use it as a place to hide but Tommy was not amused that she was in there and tried to put the whap on her. 

Give your kitties some extra love today!



  1. We use cooler bags in the summer as it gets quite warm. No need for them at the moment. I just wish it would go above freezing.

  2. You two are so adorable. You're both very smart too.

    Have a purrfect day. My best to your mom. ♥

  3. wavez two ewe T and T frum TT…hope everee onez doin grate and ewe haz been stayin IN trubullz sew far thiz yeer πŸ˜ΊπŸ™€❤️

  4. We love the Peeps shopping bags too! They are the purrfect Cat Caves! Keep being AWESOME! Purrs Marv

  5. Mom has a bunch of those in her trunk since it gets really hot here.

  6. You are such cuties.

  7. Well, one of you is ready to go shopping!

  8. Mudpie does the same thing, only with regular reusable shopping bags!

  9. Charlee: "We have some of those insulated bags here but Dada usually forgets to bring one!"
    Chaplin: "Fortunately the grocery store he likes is only 8 minutes away."
    Lulu: "And does he ever stop for lunch while he's going to it?"
    Charlee: "No, but he does stop for coffee every once in a while. But only if there's only one or two cars waiting."
    Java Bean: "Because he doesn't want the groceries to get warm?"
    Chaplin: "More like because he hates waiting in line."

  10. We definitely use those things in the summer! Looks like they make a pretty good hideout, too, Teaghan.

  11. Anonymous12:31 AM

    They double as kitty warming houses--that insulation might as well go to good use when it's not full of groceries!

  12. I think Teaghan is thinking, "Maybe, if I ignore him (Tommy), he'll just go away." :)

  13. Mommy always wants to go to 'Teeters whenever she visits my human brother in Charlotte!

  14. Anonymous8:46 PM

    That bag would be super useful here too in the southwest desert. Which reminds me I need to go food shopping.

  15. whoops, that bag comment was from me. Forgot to put in my name. Pinkie would probably tussle with Teaghan for the hiding cave.