Thursday, April 27, 2006

Tagged and Words

We's been tagged by Badness at Furry Logic! Hoo boy.
Ok here's our words:

Funniest: hoo-ha-ectomy. We just saw this word over at Wm.'s place. We knew about Hoo-has, coz that's what Beau Beau used to have till he got his hoo-ha-ectomy.
Cute and funny word: Squillions (from Edsel/The Pooch). They made it even funnier when you see how he said it over and over on their blog.
And one new word we found at Caturday : zwei-noodle (two cat lap sit)
Favorite word: Stinky Goodness from Max. What better word is that? It makes us perk up efurry time we hear it! Even Efurry is a new word for us.
Sport words: Tub Hockey and Tub Soccer! I was playing tub hockey afore I even knew what it was! It is nice to have a sport word for it.

We tag Two Black Cats coz we hasn't seen them tagged yet and anyone else who wants to play.

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