Sunday, April 02, 2006

In a box

Hruummmpf. You can sit in the big box all you want Beau Beau. The competition is for fitting into SMALL boxes. And, you're not even signed up for that event. I'm going to practice my tumbling routine and some curling. You're in the speed racing event but you're not going anywhere in that box!

Now that box is too small! Go do some speed runnin like you're posed too.


  1. Ahhh poor Beau Beau - you must realise that ALL boxes need to be sat in - regardless of size!

  2. Anonymous2:21 PM

    Angie, you look so purrfectly disgusted. I feel that way often around here. I won't say about WHO.
    ~ turtle

  3. I spose Beau Beau figures he has to start somewhere, so is going for the big boxes, and then getting smaller and smaller ones....or not.... Tell him he needs to get out and do some running laps.

  4. Beau, why do you look so surprised? Angie, you tell him, girl. Victor seems to fink he's going to jump hurdles - he's been practicing by jumping over ME! Oh, but I found sumfing wonerful. A bag wif a box inside it. I can almost get into the box in the bag. Almost.

  5. angie, your expression is priceless.