Monday, August 11, 2008

Mysterious Monday

Remember owr Grammie an Dan's girl cat Sydney? Her beans have a question on somefin dat's going on wif her. Seems dat she is talkin' REAL LOUD, well, cryin' in human language an day can't figure owt why. It all started when she went to da vet in February and when she came home it started. She cries ten times den stops. Den she cries ten times more den stops.

She just came back from a looonnng visit to the v.e.t. to haf some of her teef stolen (ACK! what's up wif all da teef stealing goin' on???). When she finally came home she cries even LOUDER! Sometimes when her daddy talks to her he can get her to stop but usually not. Ten cries and then she eats like a pig. Ten cries more. Goes to the litter box. After da litter box cries ten more times. And cries ten times some other times. The v.e.t. says her little box functions are ok but she has slight kidney disease. She is 16 years old. For the most part has been in great health. She eats Fancy Feast and a few months ago they changed the kind of Fancy Feast she eats to the kind wif vegetables in it. Mom thinks that might be part of the problem. Schmaybe it's giving her gas. hee hee.

Syd's humans wanted us to ask da blogosphere if any of yoo haf heard of anyfing like what's goin on wif her. We said schmaybe she is turning into a meezer but dey said she's efun louder dan dat! Sammy an Miles -- can yoo believe dat?


  1. we cannot believe she is louder than a meezer. Mommy thinks that maybe she is losing her hearing or her eyesight. Neither Norton or Trixie had very loud voices, but when their hearing started to diminish, they talked more. Same thing when they both went blind.

  2. We agree with the meezers, except it is weird that is started AFTER the v-e-t visit. We wonder if something happened during the tooth removal.

    Whatever it is, we will be purring for everything to be ok.

    Junior and Orion

  3. I found this in an article about vocalization in older cats:

    "Cats may vocalize for any number of reasons, if they are afraid,in pain, distressed, anxious, nervous, angry, or if they just want to complain.

    Older cats may start vocalizing because they have gone deaf or have failing vision. They may also vocalize because of pain or discomfort. For example, older cats may suffer from painful problems like periodontal disease or arthritis. Some older cats may also vocalize because of mental confusion or senile dementia. This can lead to anxiety and distress, and ultimately, bouts of vocalization.

    Finally, cats may become more demanding as they get older. For example, they may want to be let out, or want increased attention and affection and vocalization may simply be a demand for more freedom or companionship. For all of these reasons, cats that vocalize should be examined by a veterinarian to make sure that they are in good health."

  4. Shmaybe she likes the acoustics. Sorry, I gots nofin better to add. I's more vocal since Bonnie lefted, but I stop if sumone tosses sum toys fur me. I do it more on week nights, when I's been home all alone all day.

  5. Mum sez all the cats she has had got louder when they got older, and the V E T told her it happens when their hearing isn't good.Spose they don't know how loud they are yelling.

  6. Hmm, this is very mysterious. What's especially strange is the way she does it 10 times. I hope someone can figure it out!

  7. Bow started howling a lot when his kidneys were giving out. So we got him started on the sub-q fluids and an appetite stimulating drug and he doesn't do the howling now. Or maybe she is missing her teef that the V-E-T stole?

    Luf, Us