Saturday, December 18, 2010

Angie's Ride

I had to go to da stabby place today.  I usually make very quiet little mew noises, but my volume went up a few notches on da way to da v.e.t.  Mommy said my teefies needed to be looked at.  I had a nice vet lady look at me and the one toof we thot wuz bad wuz actually ok.  But I haf to have my front toof pulled instead.  I will now match Beau Beau wif a one fang look.   At least I haf all of my ofur teef not like Beau Beau, when da ofur v.e.t. place took almost all hims teefies.  But all in all, I'm doing pretty good.  Mom would not let me get stabbed wif all da vaccine stuff, but dey still got me by sucking some my blood out.  Dey said I wuz a very good girl though.  Yeah, if some vampire place wuz takin yur blood yoo'd be pretty quiet too don't yoo finks?  I'm lucky dat's all dey took so far.  

Den on da way home, when fings were quieted down a little, I got to drive da metal monster.  I'm a good drive, yeah.  See, I looked back to see what wuz behind me.  

Den I looked owt da side to make sure no one wuz in da way.
Den when all wuz ready to go, I looked straight ahead.  And, here we are at home.  Not bad I say.

Keep yur teefies clean kitties.  Or else yoo might haf to get dem taken by da stabby place too.

Repurtin from Wallyworld, CT,


  1. Angie, we are sorry you lost one of your assured it hasn't distracted from your beauty at all.

    We were soooooooooooooooo impressed with your driving, sweetie!!

  2. One toof ain't bad, Angie, but we will eat our greenies for our teefs!

    We would like to learn how to drive, but we hate the car. So we have a little problem there.

  3. Oh! We're sorry about your toofie. Well, Dorfie lost all of his toofies, and he eats very well.

    Nice driving too!

    Luf, Us

  4. You can drive!!!???? oh that is so coool. You are still very pretty Missie Angie

  5. You're just too nice...I poop on the stabby people! It's only fair, considering the things they do.

    I'm sorry you have to lose a tooth. I have a bad feeling I'll have to soon, too. I just won't let the people brush mine anymore...

  6. glad it wasn't any more than one tooth, Angie. Sounds like you were a very good girl and an excellent driver.

  7. Wow Angie! you got to drive the car! That makes it worth going to the stabby place. We are sorry you have to lose one of your teefs.

  8. Angie, we're sorry they stole your toof. We hope you are doing okay. We like how you were driving the big metal machine!!

  9. Those vets - they are always stealing something from us kitties! At least you got to drive the car.

  10. Angie, let's go on a road trip across America to visit alla our frends! Yoo and Zippy can share driving duties...oh wait, da one time Zippy drove she crashed into da garage, maybe not such a good idea.

  11. Anonymous11:24 AM

    Oh, poor poor Angie! Whitey has very bad teeths from living Outside for so many years, but so far none have had to be pulled. But one of these days...

    Good job driving! We never get let out of our carriers in the car... cuz Momma doesn't want to be scratched! :]

  12. Angie, I have always wanted to drive a car. You are very lucky!