Thursday, December 23, 2010

Almost Santy Claws time

It's almost here!  Santy Claws is almost here! Yoo see him yet Angie?
"No Beau Beau.  I don't see him yet.  Are you going to be lookin' up all nite long waiting for Santy Claws?"
Yep.  I'm sittin' down by da tree all night.  I want to make sure he gets da milk we left owt for him.
"Yeah right.  I'll be sniffin' yur breaf to see if it smells like milk later."
Yoo wait an see.  I'll be da good one.
Merry Christmas all!

~Beau Beau an Angie


  1. Only one more night to wait BeauBeau but you better make sure you and Angie are asleep when he comes. Well maybe you could peak just a little bit out of a teeny little squinty eye.

  2. Oh you two are so sweet.
    We hope you have a very blessed and happy holiday!

    Merry Christmas

  3. Yoo is not suppose to be awake when Sandy Claws comes, really, but if yoo were to pretend to be asleep and peeked a little bit he might be okay wif dat. Merry Krissmouse Miss Angie, Beau Beau and yoor fambly too!

  4. We're getting excited too!! Merry Christmas to you!!

  5. Angie, you are right - I would not trust Beau Beau with the milk, either!

  6. He's coming tomorrow!!! Yay!!!

    (and I would totally trust you with the milk...!)

  7. Merry Christmas Kitties! Hope you are happy and warm and cozy during the holidays!

  8. Beau Beau, Shmaybe you and Angie could have a lil' glass of milk before bed, it'll help you sleep and then Santa can come!

    Merry Christmas from alla us, The Lounge Kats

  9. merry christmas purrty babies

  10. You KNOW Sandy Claws doesnt visit til yer asleep...

    Merry Chrissymouse to all!

  11. Milk telling!

    We all have blessings, each and every of ours is blogging and visiting with you...May your Christmas be Merry and your New Year bright!

  12. Anonymous3:58 AM

    Merry Christmas from alla us!

  13. Merry Christmas to all of you from all of us!