Saturday, February 24, 2024

Happy Birthday Tommy and Teaghan

Happy Birthday Tommy & Teaghan!

Adobe firefly generated image. AI doesn't seem to understand numbers so they get one candle instead of seven 😹. Prompt:  two red and white long haired tabby cats dancing and celebrating their birthday with a cake with 7 candles

Today they are 7 years old. Wow has the time gone by so quickly! But then again so many things have changed in that time for all of us. From their birth in Troy, New York at Finnishline Norwegian Forest Cats to their beautiful Mom McKenzie with her litter of three with their first Mom, Colleen. You can read about their birth story on that first post about them "the kitties are born" here.

Tommy:  "Yeah, lots have happened in that time. Our first scary ride away from our house to our new house. We had lots of fun there, looking out the windows and watching the squirrels eat peanuts right next to the door. We had lots of human friends come to visit us.  Then we had the loooong car ride from our big house in the land of snow to the land of no snow and lots of warm weather and pine trees."  

Teaghan: "And we have learned to not jump on Mommy at 3 or 4 am but to directly leap right onto Dad the food man.  Also we now sit in one room now with the birdie TV all around us."

The Mom, McKenzie, with Tyler, Teaghan, and Tomas
Teaghan's face looks a lot like her Mom's. 

Teaghan looking like her Mommy

Tomas (Tommy) kitten 1st week with his signature white heart on his back
Finnishline Teaghan - (with Angie's red spot on her back)


Tommy with a T, or heart, or Angel marking depending on how you look at it and how the white fur lays

The T's tunnel standoff. Seven years later and they are still playing together, playing hide and seek, sometimes cuddling, most times not :-)

Here you can see his marking looking like a heart. 

Thanks to all our blogging furriends for reading our stories and visiting us all year. We appreciate it! 

We will be celebrating our purrthday today as usual, watching bird TV, eating plate after plate of food, and sleeping. :-) 

Purrs and love as always,
Tommy and Teaghan

EDIT:  We made another picture and didn't even ask AI for 7 candles and it gave it to us! WOW!

Created this one in NightCafe. 



  1. A very happy birthday to you both! I hope your day is fantastic and that you have many more birthday celebrations to come. 🎉

    Kim and her angels

  2. You two have a great birthday celebration plan laid out! Happy 7th, and we luved seeing your baby pictures. You know the kind, naked on a bear skin rug, mol.

  3. Happy birthday Tommy and Teaghan! Your kitten photos are so cute.

  4. happy birthday babyz!!!!!!

  5. Happy Birthday Tommy and Teaghan! Terrific photos, especially the wee yours!

  6. Happy birthday, Tommy and Teaghan! We enjoyed seeing you as tiny kittens (and you are just as cute now). XO

  7. Dearest Tommy and Teaghan + Parents,
    Happy 7th Birthday and wishing you many more years with fond memories to come.
    That T or Heart is so special on Tommy's back!
    Did read that very 1st post about them... How precious.
    Yes, our Angels are still with us and guide us.
    Mariette + Kitties

    1. Thank you for the birthday wishes and reading our first story. It's been an amazing and loving journey. xo

  8. Happy Birthday cuties! XO

  9. Happy Birthday, Tommy and Teaghan! What cute little kits you were.

  10. Happy Purrthday to you two ! And many more !

  11. I wish you many happy returns of the day!

  12. Happy Purrthday, you mewtiful kitties!

  13. Happy Birthday! We love all the photos and art xx

  14. happee bee lated two ewe both and heerz two a
    yeer a head filled with happeez and healtheez ♥

  15. Anonymous7:33 PM

    Happy Birthday to two gorgeous cats. I loved hearing a bit about your background and I am SOO glad you go a cake wth 7 candles on :-)

    Marjorie and Toulouse

  16. (Sorry) Happy Happy Birthday to you both! Such adorable wee ones, we loved seeing your babee photos ... reading your story. A question: Now that you have reached the official Age Of Reason, what changes will come about in your lives ...? What will you do differently? What have you learned over seven years ... PS, we do have to add that your tunnel-photo is one of the best photo captures ever of kitties at play. Here's to a happy year ahead ... being almost 8 is great!

  17. Happy belated birthday, Tommy and Teaghan. We love all the wonderful photos of you, as babies and now. We also think both of your A.I. creations are terrific. Mom has only used the A.I. on piZap. Sometimes they come out great. Sometimes not so much. Wishing you many, many more happy birthdays. 🎂 🎁 🎉 🎈 XOCK, angels Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta & Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer, Kizmet, Audrey & Raleigh

  18. Charlee: "Happy belated birthday!"
    Chaplin: "Many happy returns!"
    Java Bean: "Ayyy, you almost share a birthday with our Mama! Almost!"

  19. Happy Birthday, handsome boys (a little late)!! <3