Saturday, June 24, 2006

Sisfur's Graduation

The bean Sisfur graduated High School. The picshur is a little blurry acoz Daddy had to take it and he's not too good wif Mommy's camera. Sisfur is the Class President so she gaved a real nice teary speech acoz she's gonna miss school so much. We nefer wented to go to school so we don't know what school is like. But we is real proud of her and we efen gotted to play wif her graduation balloon! Congrats Heather Sisfur!
Post note: An there's a party too! We smelled shrimpies - Angie's favrit! Mommy better give us some since we has to put up wif all the beans coming ofur. We will be careful though so no balloons will go bang!.


  1. Careful you don't get a claw hooked in that balloon. It will go boom really loud and explode all over the place.

    Congrats ti Heather!!

    Patches Lady

  2. Congratulations to the Graduate!! (And careful with the balloon)

  3. Concatulations to Heather. Many successes in the future, whatever you do.

    I agree with Patches and Brandi, careful with that balloon.

  4. I tried to post last night, but Mom was runnin the battery down on purrpose, an it werked.
    Congratulations to all the beans fur this achievement. The boy just graduated from 5th grade. It's a little scary an a little aciting. Beau an Angelica can take sum credit for raising a fine young bean.

  5. Anonymous3:15 PM

    Congrats to Heather! Our oldest boy is one year behind her. Mom gets a little teary-eyed just thinking about it. Then he sings real loud in the shower and she thinks maybe she can take it after all.

  6. Congratulations to the teen human pet! That's a tremendous accomplishment. Does she have any big plans now that she is finished?

  7. Sissyfur is going to go to the Unifursity of Connecticut. She wants to be a head psycho.

  8. Oh how wonderfully a'citing!! Your bean sisfur am all way smart to be the class purresident! Momma knows a'cause she am a teacher...she tolded me it means that your bean sisfur worked real hard! You gotted an a'loonie at your house?! I loves a'loonies! Grammie had some for her purrthday last year and I played with them for two whole months until Momma taked them and maked them go away for good :( I would run through the house and a'tend they were chasing me (at 3 AM)