Sunday, June 04, 2006

Rex and Roses

Last night Mommy and Daddy came home after being at anofer kitties party again. It was a
Roses Party at Sir Rex's house. Rex has hundreds of roses at his house and wanted humans to come and see them. We finks our humans seems to be going to too many parties lately an not spendin enouf time wif us. Hmmmmm. So we stole into their camera an I found these party picshurs. Apparently this must be Sir Rex, Earl of somefin. Mommy hadded too much wine wif the roses and couldn't remember where he's Earl of. .. An what's wif all these "Sir" kitties they know??? I fink I want a title on my name too. Sir Beau an Lady Angie sounds purrty good don't you finks?
Here's Sir Rex wif some guy we finks must be his Daddy. Apparently he jus happened to let him sit in his chair for jus a little while.

This Sir Rex character really has it made. In the picshur below, our Daddy was showing Mommy who's the boss in Rex's house. Yessireee. So in case you're reading this, Sir Rex, thanks for taking care of my humans at your Roses party. Hope they didn't eat too many of them roses and were good guests. Apparently you frow one heck of a dinner party but what the heck are hala-pee-nos? You humans sure eat some strange fings.


  1. Rex is a lucky kitty by the look of it, he has got it made! We have got lovely roses in our garden now, I am just about to put up some pics of them.

  2. I can't believe how well trained Sir Rex's humans are. They didn't even pick him up while he was sleeping. That's just amazing!

  3. The men beans were all standing around waiting to have an audience with his highness. Sir Rex sure has them in the palm of his paw. That is a pretty red throne he has.

  4. We likes the names of Sir Beau and Lady Angie. Very dashing!!

  5. Sir Beau and Lady Angie are wonderful names.