Saturday, August 27, 2011

I wanna be a Squillionaire!

(sung to Travie McCoy's song I wanna be a Billionaire)

I wanna be a Squillionaire
So stinkin' bad
Buy doze kitty condos I nefur had
I wanna be on da cover of mousebreath! Magazine
Smilin' next to Skeezix and Daisy!

heh heh.  I crack mineself up sometimes.  Dat's what happens when yoo gets howsebound.  Or schmaybe it's da bare-o-metrik presshure from da Hurrycane coming to Connecticat!

We might not be able to post on Sunday dependin' on if we lose da innernets but we haf plenty of stinky goodness an we'll get to eat all da chick-hen up reel quick if da cold monster quits werkin.

We lives up from da coast so we won't haf to leave da howse either an we lives on da top of a hill so we won't get a flood but we will probably get lots of water in da front windows cuz da haf been leakin since dey were put in.  Mom says dat is da joy of living wif such pretty windows in da ferst place.

Mom would love to haf a hurrycane party but Dad won't let her.  We jus gonna watch all da leafs blowin all ofur.  And we hopes we can see some pretty birdies too.  Dat's enuf of a party for us.


~Beau Beau &Angie


  1. We could have a cat party! That would be ever better, don't you think? Stay safe!

  2. Stay safe...without too much leaking around the windows. The mom says whoever put them in should be redoing them at no charge. :-p

  3. We'll be thinking of you guys this weekend with the hurrycane!
    Hmmm...cover cat would be an excellent idea!

  4. Beau Beau, you are worth a squillion bucks! We hope you stay safe and don't lose your power or inner-nets!

  5. Beau Beau, we are just glad that you came home before the hurricane, otherwise we would have all died of worry. Hurricanes are no fun. Stay safe and make sure you have lots of eats and drinks. The most important is to have a way to get into the stinky goodness cans (no electric can opener!).

  6. You and your beans be safe!

  7. Hee hee - we haf strange humans. Dey like to use da man-youall can opener alla time. Plus owr stinky goodness cans are pop-top.

  8. Stay safe from that mean ol' Irene! We're glad to hear you gots enough stinky goodness...that's so important!!

  9. Well, stay away from the purrty windows so you don't get wet! And watch the leafs blowin' around.

    Luf, Us

  10. Be safe and enjoy the beans being home. We continue to purr fur all our furriends affected by Irene. xoxo

  11. I hope your internet holds up! It sounds like you are pretty safe otherwise. I am purring for those who aren't so well placed!