Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Yep - I am thankful for all my blogging furriends for praying for me to guide me home after mine 3+ hour tour of da neyberhood.  I swear I heard yoo all calling me.   Den, I ranned all da way home.  I had a little limp when I would ferst start walking but I got all checked out by da beans and I seem to be ok.  I also had a little puffiness under my eye but Mom imagines it wuz becuz I wuz crying coz it was dark and I might haf been lost.   Now yoo all know dat mancats don't cry, rite?  So, what happens in da neyberhood, stays in da neyberhood!  And, I did manij to keep mine collar on too so I wasn't all bad rite?

Well I got dat run owt of mine system cuz I haf not efun been trying to go owtside.  But, I am sitting in front of da patio screen door looking owt for any buggies and stuff.   I do want to 'pologize fur putting all mine furriends frew any worry.  I am xtreemlee fankful for all yur support and to be home.  I lufs yoo all!

~Yurs in howse prizzin, Beau Beau

Pssssst - Mommy won't let me owt fur a while but I know dat I can always get to Daddy bean efun tho he wuz cryin for me.  I am sorry for makin mine Daddy and Mommy cry snots an stuff but I am home sweet home and I will be good if I go owt again.  I swear!


  1. Awww sweet Beauman. We were worried that you was missing, but are glad that you are home to keep your parents happy.


  2. Beau Beau, we are happy that you are okay after your little adventure outside! But we think you ought to be content watching the buggies and birdies from inside! Maybe a buggie will come in and visit you!!

  3. Beau Beau, we're just glad you're home and okay. Somehow we think your dad just might not let you out again any time soon.

  4. We are just so glad you are safe!

  5. Beau Beau, I have no idea what you were doing all that time your humans were looking for you, but it does not sound good! It sounds to me like maybe you had a little too much nip and got into a bit of a brawl! I hope this does not happen again!

  6. Doood just stay inside. That's where the stinky goodness is and the litter box is, and when people think the kitty is lost that ugly cry they do is just...gross.


    GLad yer ok, dood...

  7. We is both glad you are home and safe. It isn't good to worry the beans, they get all leaky eyed and snotty when things don't go good.

    Nice to have you visit, gave your beans few days to relax.

  8. I'm so glad you made it home. I still think your mom and dad should stick to your inside restriction.

    Mom Puala

  9. You skeered us haf to death, dood. That's why we is inside kittehz. We hopes your beans keep you restricted purrmanently. BTW, are you microchipped? Might not hurt to do that. Purrs.