Monday, February 05, 2007

Valentine's party invitation

When: Furriday, February 9th, Starts at 8pm EST
(7pm CST, 6pm MST, 5pm PST, or use the World Clock Time Converter)
Where: BeauBeau and Angie’s Place
How: It will be a Live Chat Party!
Sanjee from House of the (Mostly) Black Cats is gonna help us out.
Instrukshuns to get too da live chat at Chatzy will be nearby the snax table at the start of the partay

And just to make fings efun more interesting we decided we would donate 50 cents for each cat who signs in on owr comment page on Furriday to da place that we gotted adopted from, the Meriden Humane Society , and we will put da donation in all owr names.


  1. All of us are gettin our furrs primped and ready fur yur Balentine's partee! We is all so excited!

    Abby & da gang

  2. Thanks for the invitation! Pixie and I are still trying to choose our outfits for the party. We can't wait until Friday!

  3. Hi Beau and Angelica,
    I was wondering if our furry pride could come to the Valentine's party?
    We have several kitties in the family who have catster boyfriends and girlfriends, and they would like to invite them.
    AND, you're having your party on baby Zenith's birthday. He doesn't know yet, but I was hoping I could invite his girlfriend Miss Taffy Morgana, and bring his cake and presents to the party, too.
    Would that be OK- pretty please?
    Thanks in Advance -
    The Fancidots gang's meowmy

  4. Oh, I better make sure my sweet Emmy is comin! We can guess Chase will be there. And Cocoa.
    Hey Beau Beau, who are you seein?

  5. Have you checked my Valentines list recently? It's getting very long, so I think you can expect a big crowd!


  6. that's furry nice of you to donate munney! we'll all be there - we're furry 'cited an most 'specially me on account of i gots the most beeyouteeful date effur!

  7. Binkies - we can't wait!

  8. Beau Beau, don't be shy! There are a number of cute kitties your age still looking for a valentine. You might want to speak up now, tho.

  9. I'll try to be there, but I don't think Bambi can come!

  10. Dat's furry good, giffen money to da place dat rescued yoo, so sweet. I can't wait, I'm getting a brushing and manly pawdicure fur da event. Gotta look good fur da beyootiful Misty! I fink my sisfurs iz goin solo, Zippy hasn't heard frum Eddy yet and Sadie, well Sadie is just a big flirt. She's a good gerl, just likes flirtin wif da boy kitties.

  11. We'll all be there!!! We's tryin' to find Meeko an Kiara Valentines since I already gots my sweet Victor! We prolly won't be able to comment, 'cause Momma and Daddy (and efurryone else) are goin' to the Valentine's Ball at the Academy. But....we's lookin' forward to yur party!
    ~Meeko, Kiara, & Emmy

  12. Beau and Angie -- I know she alreddy posted, but I want to see if it wood be okay to have Mr Zenith's berthday cake and prezints at the VD party --- since evrybuddy will be at yer party and if Mr Zenith had a berthday party of his own, nobuddy wood come becuz thare all at yer party? Is it okay? Purrrty pleeze?

  13. Uh, we dunt wanna sownd realy stoopid or nuttin, but how du we du dis chatsky fing? We taint nefer dunned it. An we hast so miny dates and lufs lined up fur the 10 ov us dat we needs to no how.
    Luf, Us