Saturday, May 19, 2007

Tying da knot

This is da big day. Da Mommy and Daddy bean are tying da knot. You know we can't tie any knots acoz we don't haf 'poseable thumbs. I finks it means dat somehow when dey tie da knot it will bind dem togefur forever.
It really means:

"The cliche' tying the knot is centuries old. In the middle

ages, it was believed tying "the knot" would have a

positive influence on the marriage. The Nuptial Knot

has brought an old custom into the 21st century.

The two separate ends looped over into a knot

represents two becoming one. To tie means to "bind".

you are symbolically bonding and securing your marriage

and you have a precious keepsake to cherish forever."

So Angie, I will gibs you one kiss in celebration of da wedding.

Here am the beans at their party that their friends from Mom's werk gibbed dem. Dey had lots of fun.


  1. Oh wow! This is very exciting and wonderful news! Please tell your Mommy and Daddy congratulations from me and Pixie.

  2. Concatyoolayshuns to yer Beans furr tying theer knot.
    Yoo look kyoot giving Angie a kiss too.

  3. oh oh oh oh oh Concatulations to your mommy and daddy!!!

  4. Oh wow how exciting! Congratulations! :D

  5. How nice! Best wishes to the beans!

  6. oh furry cute fotos once again, happy ties the knot day to ur beans

  7. Wow! Congrats to your mom and dad! This is a momentous occasion, requiring the kitties be given shrimp and kitty crack! I swear!

  8. Congratulations and best wishes to your Beans! How wonderful.

    Beau, we think your kiss is so endearing.


  9. Congratulations to your Mommy and Daddy. I am so happy for them. Beau Beau, you look so sweet giving Angie a kiss.

  10. Concatulations and Best Wishes to your Mommy and Daddy! They look wonderful together (and so do you and Angie!)

  11. Anonymous12:36 PM

    Congratulations to your mama and papa.

  12. Awwww you gaf Angie a kiss, that was sweet Beau ~Poiland tribe