Friday, May 30, 2008

Mine Teeth Were Stolen

Beau Beau: MEOW MEOW MEOW gurgle thipth wuth me thfore I thwented gurgle rrrrrrr oo aa awthul v.e.t.
Thifff if me now with maaaa banged upth nothe.

Mom Brenda:
Beau Beau is still walking around a little shaky even now. He has managed to jump up on things but he keeps falling down.
He has FORL (Feline Odontoclastic Resorptive Lesions) and that's why the vet took his teeth out. I realize they had to come out but I still am having a hard time getting over the fact that they never even called to let me know that's what was happening. If I hadn't questioned anything they were just going to send me on my way with some antibiotics and pain meds (that are for dogs only by the way) without any explanation of what they did.
Needless to say after 20+ years of going to that veterinary hospital with various cats, I won't be returning.
The good thing about all this is that Beau Beau was probably in pain from the bad teeth and after he heals he should feel much better. Maybe he won't be so aggressive towards Angie anymore (even tho she is the Queen - :-)
Thanks for all your comments to make us feel better. We really appreciate it! We love you all!
BB, BB, & A


  1. oh BeauBeau - you haf what me and Dorfie haf! I's so sorry! I haf to haf more teefs stolen from me too sometime. You will feel better though.
    we doesn't know what v-e-t you use, but if it wasn't the big animal hospital in New Haven, you might want to get your mommy to check it out. That's where Trixie and Norton and Ralphie wented when they lived in connecticat and mommy saided they was excellent. And that's where Millie wented when she gotted hit by the car. If it was that hospital that didn't even call your mommy to let her know about your teefs, our mommy would be very sad and disappointed in them.

  2. Beau Beau
    We didn't know until this morning that you had such an ordeal yesterday with your toofs. WE is so sorry that your Mommie was treated so badly. Don't they understand that you are one of her babies?! Momma completely understands because when she had to take me in for my front tooth removal she was sooooo upset that they were sedating me, and they promised to call when I was out BUT DIDN'T so she called and the girl who answered the phone acted like Momma was crazy. So she really knows how your Momma felt yesterday at the Vet's. Sometime we think that those Vet offices have too many patients and forget that 'human' touch goes a long long way.... We hope you feel much better this morning and we will send all of our healing purrs to you...

    Purr purr purr for sweet Beau Beau


  3. Oh Beau Beau
    We is also sendin yu little kitty kisses belately furr yur purrday....

    Abby and Boo

  4. kisses beau beau, i hope yer mouf feels better today

  5. We hope your mouth feels better soon and that they didn't steal too many teefs.

  6. Beau Beau, so sorry to hear that they stole your teeth! Sending lots of healing purrs your way. We hope you can find a good vet!

  7. Oh no!! Poor BeauBeau, they stole all those teefs! Mum sez when they stole my teefs, the V E T looked at all of them furrst while she wuz there and told her eggsackly what he wuz going to do. She took me home again the same day, but I wuz sleepy until the next day. Now I am really lively like when I wuz younger. I love going furr walks and running in the fields wiv Flynn.Mum thought I had just got lazy when I didn't want to go furr walks, but now she knows it's cuz I didn't tell her I wuz in pain wiv my bad teefs.
    She has to brush my teefs cuz I won't chew my tartar control crunchies like Flynn, I prefer to swallow them.
    I hope Bonnie duzn't hate you like Flynn hated me when I came back smelling all wrong.
    Hope you are feeling better soon my furrend.
    (((Hugs)))and purrs furrom Eric

  8. Oh, Brenda, I'm so sorry to read what you and Beau Beau went through! Our vet kept Victor overnight after his cleaning so he'd be alert before coming home. I'm astonished they were so awful about explaining and sent dog meds! That's unforgivable. I send wishes for you both to have a better day. Hugs!
    ~ Tabbymom Jen

  9. Bro, mine mom talks too much. Get well an we'll haf a bee-late purrthday party soon.
    * I hope Mom don't amember I's due fur a cleanin! *

  10. I'm so sorry you had to get your toothes out. I hope you are feeling better soon. Take lots of naps and snuggle with your mom while you are healing that should help you feel better.

    Does this mean you get all the tuna juice and soft stinky goodness you want as soon as your mouth feels less hurty?

  11. I am sorry about your toothes!

    it is not good to have bad v-e-ts but I hope you will feels better and that they didded a good jobs!

  12. Oh, how sad for all of you. Jan would be angry if a vet did something like that to any of us without even letting her know! We hope Beau Beau feels better soon.

  13. Poor Beau Beau! I am very sorry you had to have your teeths removed. I hope you will feel better very soon, and maybe you will feel even better than before once you are all healed up.

  14. Beau, yes I have that too. My person was rather put out that she wasn't warned about the number of extractions I had first either. They could have called!

  15. Oh dear, oh my...
    Mommy sayd that our VET is the one thing that she misses the most from our old home in Kansas City. Which is funny, because we don't miss her at all! She still doesn't feel comfortable with our new one. What the VET did to you and then not to consult your Mommy and send you home with woofie strength medicine...why, I oughta' teleport over there and give that VET such a scratch!
    I am soooooo sorry Beau Beau! And please tell your Mommy that she should write that VET a letter outlining each concern. That VET needs to know what a chucklehead he/she is!
    Smooches to you sweet Beau Beau!

  16. Poor Beau Beau! And poor mum too, how stressful for you both. But we think in a few days you will feel much better, Beau Beau. if your teeth were hurting you you are probably better off without them.

    Last time I went to the v-e-t he said my teeth could do with a clean but he didn't want to send me to sleep just to do that so he wouldn't do it unless I had to go to sleep for some other procedure some time, as the teeth weren't too bad.

  17. Bless your little heart sweetie! Metacam is fine. Dorfie was put on it after the first meds made him sick. It's fine for cats. We sure hope that your toofies were causing way too much aggression toward Angie and that all will be well now. Although it totally sucks that the vet didn't call and let your Mom know about your missing teeth! And sending you home without any instructions was ruthless also. Mean ol' V-E-T!

    Luf, Us

  18. Hi Beau,
    Your mommy should let the vet manager know why she is not happy with them, especially as our Beau is such a celebrity.

    I hopes you feel better real soon buddy.

    Poppy q

  19. Goodness, you may need a speech therapist to help you learn to talk without a mouth full of teeth.

    Get better soonest BeauBeau.

  20. you poor thing! how horrible! we haven't had any tooth things happen to us yet, but our Lady sure has had lots and plus she's had teeth removed and we know from experience that she's a miserable grouch when she's got tooth pain so maybe now you'll feel better and less aggressive. we're sending lotsa lotsa hugs & purrrrrrrs. oh, and Cocoa is sending an extra hug to Angie. Cocoa - not fair! this is supposed to be all about Beau Beau!

  21. Oh my goodness Beau Beau - what a shock! I can't believe they stoled 7 teeths without even talking to your Mum first!

    I hope your mouth heals fast and you feel better real soon.

  22. Oh Beau Beau, we is so sorry...we'z effun sorrier dat da vet treated yoor mom like dat. We say good riddance to dem! Mom started taking us where we go acuz dey haf 4 vets and a staff of 16, dats 4 extra beans fur every vet so dey always haf someone available to answer or make calls. Dey is furry nice and are just as concerned about da mom's and dad's as dey is da aminals.

  23. Sorry you had such a horrible ordeal BeauBeau :(
    I think it's important to have a Vet you are happy with. You have to be able to trust them. I hope your Mom finds a good one :)
    I'm sure you do not want to see ANY Vet for a long time !!
    Heal quickly buddy ;)
    Purrs Mickey

  24. Beau Beau, dooooood....I hope that at least the drugs were fun...

  25. Poor BeauBeau! We are so sorry! Seaborne once had to have five teeth stolen, but the vet let Mommy know in advance. I don't blame your Mommy, our Mommy would be furrious!

    Please feel better soon!

    Soft kisses!

  26. Oh Beau Beau we hope your mouth heals well and you feel better soon. FAZ

  27. Beau Beau bro, I hopes you's feelin better today! Purrs, Victor

  28. KC said...
    O, poor Beau Beau. How could they's do that wifout asking yours mommie furrst??? i's put you on tha Pet Purrs & Purrayers bloggie, an we's be purring fur you to feel better fast.

  29. Oh BeauBeau! we're sorry to hear this! Mommy's old woofie had 2 of teeths out and he was on soft foods for a week or 2 until it healed up. After that he was just fine.
    We can't blame your mommy for being angry with that VET. That is just terrible! All mommies and daddies should know these things first. Bendrix will be happy to pay them a visit...they won't know to gas him first...

  30. I think some tuna juice is in order...

  31. Beau Beau bro, I - Othello - haf to haf my teefs stolen too. me finks I have the same fing as you wif my toofies. the VET lady we were last time saided me has bad teef material and that I would haf to haf them stolen in order to make me feel better again.
    For now I gotted aunti biotiks but soon I will haf to see her again *yikes*

    borfurly hugs from Kashim & Othello