Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Thanks

Happy Memorial Day. Here in the USA we are observing Memorial Day to honor and give thanks to the men and women who died serving our country.
"They are not dead who live in hearts they leave behind".
Hugh Robert Orr

Mine humans are finally home from vacation in da Carrybean. To show mine appresheashun for dem returning I wanted to give dem a present. After all my hours and days of waiting an hunting I finally caughted a birdie. It wuz a BIG one too! It wuz so big I could hardly fit it in my mouf! It wuz as big as me! It wuz as big as Beau Beau! Reely! Well schmaybe not as big as Beau Beau cuz him is HUGE. I waited and waited an den I pounced an got him and ran as quick as I could to bring da birdie to mine humans. Dey saw my ginormous gift an were so acited dat dey quickly ran to greet me and get my preshus gift. Mine humans were so greedy to get him out of mine mouf dat dey let her escape! It all happend so fast. I ran again after her to get my preshus gift back but she took off in da sky. Da moral of da story is to not open a gift bird in da mouf. Isn't dat da right way it goes?


P.S. dey will be helping us to visit efurryone an catch up on all da news. We did manage to get a message ofur to dem in Rrrrrruba to let dem know bout da suddenness and sadness of Bonnie Underfoot's passing. It reminds us of how preshus and short life reely is. Live each day as full of life and happiness that you can. In honor of Memorial Day tell someone you thank them and love them for who they are and that you are glad that they are in your life.


  1. What a great gift, Angie. Too bad it escaped.

    In Canada, we honour those who gave their lives for our freedoms, as well as those who served and who continue to serve, on Remembrance Day, November 11th.

  2. ...or is it, "don't look a gift bird in the beak..."
    We are so happy you are back. We missed you guys. We hope your day is peaceful and happy.
    It was so very sad about Bonnie. We are heartbroken.
    Smooches and (((HUGS)))!

  3. Happy Memorial Day to you, Angie, and Beau Beau too! That's too bad about your gift getting away, maybe you can catch it again and re-gift it ... hee hee!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  4. Good to have you back!

    Happy Memorial Day.
    May we never forget.

    ~ The Bunch

  5. wow angie, we are impressed wif yer birdie catchin

  6. Don't open a gift bird in the mouth! Hahaha! That is some good advice, Angie. I think there is also one that goes "You can lead a bird to your mouth, but you cannot make him fly in."

  7. Glad yours beans are back. Too bad abouts tha bird, but you's can get another one later.

    Happy Memorial Day!
    ***** HUGS *****
    In tribute to Bonnie Underfoot.
    Love & Purrs,
    KC & The Sherwood Bunch

  8. Oh what a wonderful gift! Happy Memorial Day.

  9. Angie, it is the thought that counts. What would your beans have done with the birdie anyway.

    ((((Hugs)))) to all of you. Glad your beans are home safely.

  10. We are glad you're back, we missed you. That wuz very thoughtful to give your Beans a big birdie as a gift.
    Our Beans said they haf been to Rooba sometimes when they haf been on a cruise, and they go to Palm Beach sometimes. They go through gardens wiv lots of birds in cages that talk to them. Are they nuts? Efurrycat knows birds don't talk to Beans.

  11. Angie, They don't sound too appreciative to us. We suspect Jan would have the same reaction. She's not big on gifts either.

    It was very sad about Bonnie and in her memory we send you both HUGS.

  12. Awww ... You lost your ginormous gift-birdie? That's not good, Angelica.

    Happy "return from vacation" to your fambly ... an' Happy Memorial Day, too.


  13. Hi - I'm glad you're back! Happy Memorial Day to you!

  14. Just catch it would be terrific, not eating, maybe have some bad things on birds~
    No matter how I love Pigeons, we still having "distance relationship".

    You look wonderful, Angie!