Saturday, August 12, 2006

They're home and our Weird Things

Well, the humans are back finally! Yippee! We jumped all ofur them (well, mostly Beau Beau jumped on them and ranned around the house a few hunnred times) and Mommy drooled all ofur us bout how much she missed us.

We had to fess up to a leeettle ac-ci-dent that happened while they were on vay-cay-shun. You see, besides hafing fun wif Derby and Sammy and Miles when they teleported ofur to play wif us, we kept ourselves busy by attacking each ofur. The sisfur said we were actin' "psycho". "I don't fink we were actin' psycho did you Angie?" "Nut uh, not at all". But somehow in the middle of all our fun our stinky goodness dishes, the um, extra speshul an-teak dishes that Mommy lets us eat off of, kinda, um, gotted, um broked, um in half, um, um well, in pieces. Sisfur then made us eat off of ACK -- plastic plates! Oh, the shame of it. This leads us to the five weird things about us since we were tagged by Abby and Danielle. Abby tagged us both so we're giving 10 fings.

1. We (used to) eat our stinky goodness off of orange antique Bavarian plates.
2. Beau Beau likes to rip out of the wall and carry around the pink insulation that is supposed to STAY in the wall.
3. Beau Beau doesn't see the window glass so he tries to jump on the upper portion of the window even though the glass from the bottom of the window is covering it.
4. Beau Beau walks around hrrrrumphing to himself like he's king of the house or somefin.
5. Beau Beau snores.
6. Angie starts rubbing her head and her ears on the first thing she is close to when Mommy starts talking to her in a high-pitched voice.
7. Angie snores.
8. Angie doesn't like to be picked up and held by anyone in the house but will actively seek out people to pick her up and hold her when there's a party. (what a party girl...)
9. Angie lays on top of her favrit box every day to look outside at the birds.
10. Angie likes to hide out downstairs inside a cardboard box (probably coz it's not upside down).

There are so many others that have prolly already been tagged but we'll try:
Bonnie & Victor
Tahoe & Winston
Furry Paws

Here are the rules: The player of this game starts with "5 weird things/habits about yourself." In the end you need to choose 5 people to be tagged and list their names. The people who get tagged need to write a blog about their 5 weird things/habits as well as state this rule clearly, then tag 5 more victims. Don't forget to leave your victim a comment that says "you're tagged!" in their comments and tell them to read your blog.


  1. Mum doesn't let me use fancy bowls to eat from. But at least she doesn't use PLASTIC. She bought just some regular human bowls but not 'spensive ones.

    HEHEHE. It was fun to teleport over to play.

  2. we has to eat off plastik too.
    we hadded lots of fun teleporting ofurr to play wif you!

  3. My mum bought me china bowls because the plastic ones were so light I kept tipping them over. So if you keep tipping the plastic ones over, your mum will have to buy you some nice new china bowls, right?

  4. You two are very interesting. We dunno about angie cuddling with strangers at parties though.

  5. Hi guys! See, Beau, nofing to worry bout. We posted our 5 weird fings. We use metal dishes (Mom calls them stainless, but they look stained to me). She said the cat before Bonnie got ack-knee on her chin from plastic bowls, so the vet said to use metal. We also haf the sir-a-mick bowls I drop my toys into. Since we eat on the floor, it's furry hard to break them... so far.

  6. Glad the beans are home. Breaking the plates will teach them not to leave you alone again. And I'm sure you'll get some new plates soon.

  7. Hi there, thanks for visiting my blogs! My cats react different when we return from holidays. Arthur and Kim are offended and won't show up until their stomac claims ! Lisa and Pookie are reacting like yours. And before we leave they smell it and would sit in our luggage.

  8. About the game, I don't know what to say ? I already write all the time about their habits. What should I do ?

  9. I'm impressed about the antique orange bowl. Now that's really being treated like royalty.

  10. wow antique and we gets to eat off plastic plates..except me. I eat off a spoon. Dat's one of my weird finks. I like Momma to feeds me like a baby.

    Drop by and visit us, it's our one year annerverssarry.


  11. Anonymous1:15 PM

    we haf 'ramic plates that's heavy so we can't dump 'em offur. that's cause when we's served sumfin we doesn't like, we all paw all 'round it like we was usin the litter box an sumtimes we knocks stuff offur

  12. We think you should demand new antique dishes to eat out of ~Merlin, Shadow, KoKo

  13. Food tastes like junk on plastic plates!

    The only thing worse is...I don't know if I can bring myself to type it...PAPER PLATES!

    Oh, the HORROR!