Thursday, January 04, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

My ferst Thursday Thirteen:
Thirteen fings I'm not happy about:
1. It looks like I put on a little weight ofur the holidays.
2. The tree is coming down today.
3. When the tree comes down I'll miss playing wif all the ornyments.
4. Mom squeezed me about thirteen times this morning. Sometimes I likes it sometimes I don't.
5. There wuzn't enuf stinky goodness on my plate this morning.
6. Angie ate all her stinky goodness so I culdn't efun eat the rest of hers.
7. Mom is going to werk. I don't like it when she goes to werk.
8. When Mom goes to werk the puter is off. Then I can't blog. That makes me reely unhappy.
9. I tried to wrastle Angie this morning and she won.
10. Now Angie's smirking about winning. I saw her, I did!
11. The door to the college girl's room is closed (*Mom's werds* "finally") and I can't get in there.
12. I can't reach the crunchies on top of the frigermator.
13. I looked for some insoolation to pull out of the basement wall and I culdn't find any, yet...


  1. You made a very good list, Beau! Number 9 would make me mad too.

  2. Beau Beau

    You're just fluffier dat's all!
    Which means more to love on!!


  3. Great list, annoying things are never fun. I think your Mom should give you some more treats to cheer you up!


  4. oh poor Beau Beau - sounds like a rough day for you!

  5. Oh Oh. 2007 isn't off to such a great start.

  6. Anonymous3:06 PM

    It does not sound like you are having a good day either. Sigh. Perhaps that's what January is about, getting the kinks out of the year.

  7. There's *never* enough Stinky Goodness!!!

  8. Anonymous11:04 PM

    duz the college girl's room look like our teenagers' room? is that why the door needs to be closed? sorry ya got so many not happy stuffs.

    (hey, Angie, #9? really? way ta go!)

  9. You shouldn't have to start off the new year unhappy! Go back and repeat what you did on warm Wednesday...that will make you feel better!

  10. Oh, Beau, sorry that you're not happy right now. Not enough stinky goodness would definitely leave me in a bad mood.

    I hope things improve soon!

  11. Anonymous10:26 PM

    I hate to tell you but you have put on weight. I'll help you put the tree back up, and we can bat the oraments around (heehee!). Mom squeezes me a lot too! Want me to smuggle you some SG Medley? Send a picture of your whole computer set up and maybe we can figure out how to turn it on anyway! (That upsets me too!) Sneak Angie's next SG when she's not looking! WHY is the girl's room closed??? Maybe we can get a bunch of us to stand on top of each other to reach the frige crunchies, and then we can all help look for the insulation as well!

  12. Beau this is a great picture of you. Should be enlarged and put on a wall.

    BTW the list is real good too.