Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Mom's food

Mom's cheesecake that she made for the first time. Lo carb - sugar free. She wouldn't let us have any! Not efun a teeny tiny bite although we kept sniffing at the floor waiting for a piece of cheese to drop coz she always drops something. Since this wuz the first time she made a cheesecake we thought there'd be lots an lots of pieces for us to eat. Nope. Apparently her people at werk liked it coz there wuz no more left on the plate when she came home. The recipe is from George Stella's cookbook - Livin' Low Carb. The Dad can't eat it. It makes him sick like Angie gets sick when she eats cheese. They still want to eat it anyway. Doesn't make sense to me.

~Beau Beau


  1. ohohoh, mommy's gonna go get that book. she has to eat sugar free stuff. it looks yummy!

  2. That looks tasty! The Lap Lady can't eat cheese either but she always wants to! Your mom looks like a very very good cook!


  3. That looks very, very DELICIOUS! I wish I could try it too!

  4. That cheesecake looks really yummy. No wonder there wasn't any left.

  5. Stopping by to say Meow!

    That cake sure looks yummy!

  6. We'd like to offer your momthe position of chef at our house.
    The current one isn't very good.
    We pay handsomely and there is room for you two also.

  7. Mmmmm Bofe of us and our mum all think that looks yummy.

  8. Anonymous6:21 PM

    I would absolutely eat that - I love dairy!

    purrrs & cuddles ta lovely Angie!

  9. Anonymous7:46 PM

    I would eat that cheesecake too as it looks as good as the ones my wife Rachel makes, and she invented the recipe! Great job on that cake, it looks Maaaavelous!!
    Chef George Stella and
    Rachel Stella
    and our kitty Smokey says..
    "It is purrrrfect for low carb and diabetics with no sugar or flour but still real cream cheese and
    ricotta!!!" see ya! stellastyle.com

  10. I think Angie needs some lactaid

  11. woooooowooooo I wanna piece...Momma makes us sum of dat cheesecake pleesseee...

  12. Maybe she can make you one wif REAL cheese...and maybe some tuna!

  13. mmmm Mommy says that looks wonderful! It is a shame you didn't get any. Maybe next time since it was so popular!

  14. That looks yummy! Maybe you could convince her to make one just for you!
    How's your paw doin'?

  15. Mmmmm...that looks YUMMY! My mum ate cheesecake the other day and it is one of her favourite things so she didn't give me ANY!

    Thanks for your sympathy over my "weekend of starvation" trauma. I'm just checking back into the blogosphere after spending 4 days eating non-stop to make up for it!

  16. Anonymous10:33 AM

    My mommy says that looks delicious.