Saturday, March 08, 2008

Sorry Saturday & Noos

Sorry efurryone who bisited and got a nasty popup. We don't know how it gotted there! It looks like it wuz coming from dat song place dat we had -- sonif-ic. We didn't see da nasty fing pop up on owr screen. So thanks to Max for letting us know dat nasty SpamCrappity Crap Crap evil fing was on owr bloggie. We just want to share da love and nice fings, not somefing to spoil yur bisit.

On anuffer note, has anyone seen Bombay and the 5-Cat Style from Singapurr lately? We thot of dem when we saw da noos article from Yahoo about da kitten dat made it all da way cross da ocean on a ship from Singapore. Dat is one speshul kitty. Wonder what his life purpose is? Hope he becomes a blogger!

One more impawtant fing! In owr noospaper, the Record-Journal, is reporting today dat in Connecticut dey are taking up a debate on fighting to stop declawing cats! Isn't dat wonderful? Dey want to prohibit declawing unless it is a medical emergency. Go Connecticut! A good local v.e.t. from Meriden, CT, Dr. Tobin, was quoted in da article letting people know about da cruel procedure of declawing. Yoo can go here to read da article.

We gots lots of nice v.e.t.s in Meriden. Dat's where owr v.e.t., Dr. St. Clair is from. He is a wonderful v.e.t. and helps owt wif the place we were adopted from, the Meriden Humane Society.

Dats owr noos fur today.

Yur furriends, Beau Beau & Angie


  1. We never got a pop-up, those things are awful! What a wonderful thing if no kitties ever had to get declawed! I hope it happens! We can't see much today because of the BLIZZARD we are having!

  2. Oh yall, I's sure nocat blamed yoo for the poppin fingy. We knows yoo wouldn't do it apurpose. Can we come vote in connecticat bout the declawin? That v-e-t sounds reely nise. Yall are lucky to haf good v-e-ts round there.
    Sanjee and the gang

  3. We never saw any popups either but we hafn't visited since the middle of the week cuz mum sez she wuz too bizzy to help read our furrends blogs. Bad mum!!
    We fink that would be wunnerful if no cats get de-clawed. Our mum never knew anyfing about it until one day she made furrends on a crooz wiv peepull furrom Texas. They wuz talking about us and their own kitty and told mum they had her declawed so she wouldn't scratch the furniture. Mum told them that wuz terrybull and why hadn't they bought her a scratching post and encouraged her to use that instead of the furniture. They said that all their furrends had their cats declawed cuz it wuz easier.

  4. Beau Beau Bro, Bombay and Bangles can't blog until 5-Cat Style finishes studyin in Oztrailya! She's gonna be a *whispers* vet.

    Bombay is still Bonnie's ofur boyfurriend cat, along wif Chase. Bombay an Chase werked that out long ago.

    PS Luv yur adorable baby pic on Monday! We don't gots any pics of me afore I was 8 monfs.

  5. That's great news about Connecticut talking about prohibiting declawing! I didn't get a popup here, but I've been having trouble both visiting and commenting on anycat's blog (due to Blogspot problems) - frustrating!

  6. we didn't get a poput eifur. it would be great if no-cat gotted declawed!!! the last we knowed was that either 5-cat or Flyer was going to australia for school to become a v-e-t and the other sister was going to join her at some point. The ferst sister wented to Australia last year as far as we knows.

  7. That is very nice news! You did a great job reporting it! Declawing sounds terrible, and I am sorry that so many cats have gone through this.

  8. You know what? I always open up a whole bunch of tabs all at once, so if something pops up, I never even know where it came from. Thanks for reporting about the proposed legislation in Connecticut! Hooray!

  9. I didn't get a pop-up, that must mean my blocker is working.

    As a declawed kittie, I support this effort.

  10. Oh thank God - if people don't want to have a cat I don't understand why they get them!
    Er... isn't that what gorgeous woofies are for?? And lovely buns?

  11. We nefur got a popup either! But we'd nefur blame you for it. It wouldn't be yur fault.

    That vet frum Connetticut sounds superduper! Clawsies are furry impawtant.

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  12. It would be wonderful if NO kitties gets de-clawed - it is totally unnatural and inhumane.

  13. We'z like Daisy, lots of tabs open so we don't know where dem popper things is coming from and we don't really care cuz we can de-pop dem pretty fast. Our vet won't declaw cats. Well, dey did kinda declaw Zippy but dat is cuz da job was already partially done by somebody abusing her...We think der should be a national ban on declawing, ear and tail cropping fur woofies and stuff like dat.

  14. I've been reading lots of complaints today from bloggers whose blogs got ad-jacked. Not sure how they're doing it, but it could happen to any of us. And that bites.

    I'm not sure how I feel about declawing being illegal. My people wouldn't do it again, but maybe there should be more education instead of laws? I dunno...

  15. Declawing is not allowed in New Zealand, and it is not accepted practice for any vets to do. We finks that is a sooper thing. By making it illegal doesn't mean that mum and dad beans get into trouble - it means that vets are not allowed to do it. Chopping off claws is like cutting off beans fingertips and the claws is very important for pussycats to defend themselves.

    Mum says if you can't cope with your cat scratching you couch, you is never going to cope with them doing a big yack on the carpet (and nothing the vet can do will stop that happening!!). Maybe thems beans shouldn't own a cat!!!

    Good on you two for talking about this sooper issue. We in the cat blogoshpere should lead by example.

    Have a nice week you two.

  16. YES - we had the nasty pop-up stuff going on too!!! Ruis and Robyn from Hot(m)BC figured it was the ranking widgets! We will post about the experience tomorrow! It was very scary for us!!!!

  17. P.S. we would hope that de-clawing would be outlawed!!! It is cruel, torture, mutilation!!!
    But in a country where the president vetoes a bill that would outlaw torture on humans - we don't have that much hope....

  18. I never saw the naughty pop-up. That is good becuase I have a tender heart.
    I am happy you got it resolved though

    love and purrrs to both of you

  19. That is great that your state is trying to outlaw de-clawing! I hope they are successful!!! And I hope it doesn't make a bunch of kitties end up homeless.

  20. I hope they pass a no declaw law. Hey, that rhymes!

  21. A kitty fwom Singapurr went onto the boat over the nasty big water?
    Maybe I can put That Thing onto a boat too!