Friday, October 23, 2009

Owr Ferst Book Review - Cat Lover's Daily Companion

Our first book review by Beau Beau & Angie.

Cat Lover's Daily Companion
365 Days of Insight and Guidance for Living a Joyful Life with Your Cat
Kristen Hampshire, Iris Bass and Lori Paximadis
ISBN: 9781592535910

Ferst off, me an Angie have trubble readin' so we asked Daddy to read da book to us. It took a while cuz we kep askin questions an Angie kep asking Mom to make fings dat dey show yoo how to make, but finally he read the whole book to us.

We had some laffs from da book as we herd what some humans suggest what yoo shud do wif yur cat. Fur example on page 69 "What Your Cat's Tail Is Telling You" why don't humans just ask us what we mean? Me n Angie's tails are usually up and wagging or quivvering. We am always happy accept when da beans go on vacayshun cuz den we gots no one to read to us. Den dare is a section on training us how to stay off da counters. Huh? Dat's what dey fink. But wait till da humans go to bed. Hah! We laffed an laffed about dat page.

We also enjoyed the "Feline Fun Fact" which was on some pages in da book. Fur example on page 37 "The American Bobtail often grows an extra-thick double winter coat with lynxlike markings." Whew! Dey must bee hot!

Da book also shows how to make fings (we finks we needs da humans to do dat). And what is nice is dey are concerned wif owr safety as dey explain how to make a knitted mousie. It gives instrukshuns how to knit or crochet one and akshully tells yoo to leave off da "tail" from da pattern so we don't axseedentally eat it. And it says to use a solid filler insted of fluff which some of us could eat after we ripped apart dat nitted mousie. We wuz impressed wif dat cuz it shows dat dey care.

Plus, Mom wuz aspeshully in awe of da reely good pictures in da book an all da credits to da humans who took da pictures wif dare flashy fings in da back of da book. Yoo could just look at da wonnerful picshures an be happy wif dis book. Yoo should see some of da awesome lookin Ginger's an Main Coons, an Tuxies, an Tabbies oh my! Oh yoo just gotta see!

And, yoo won't believe dis, but dare is a page on how to start a cat blog! We almost peed on da floor when we read dat!

But da coolest fing efur is dat dare is a little plastic circle on da cover dat yoo can put yur picture in. Or you can put a treat in dare like Mom did. It's like a little mergency spot for treats so yoo always know yoo has one just in case yoo gets hungry.

Me an Angie give dis book four paws (dat means it am reeely good). It wood make a good Christmas or holiday present.

Beau Beau & Angie

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