Sunday, October 30, 2011

Easy Like Sunday after the Snowtober Storm in Connecticut

 Snowtober in Connecticat.  Ferst owr yard looked like dis.  I wuz jus watchin' da leaves fall from mine perch.  Angie wuz hangin' around on da deck da ofur day in da picture below dat.

Owr back yard.

Angie on da side deck.

Back yard after da snow started.

 I had lots of fun watchin bigggggg snow flakes come down along wif da leaves.

Here is da back yard dis morning after lots of branches came down overnight.  

A big tree branch fell off of da neighbor's rotting tree an hit da howse.  Dis is a winder where we sits an watches his birdies fly in and owt of da rotten tree holes.  We all heard da tree hit da howse around midnight.  Angie was sleepin right near dat winder all day.  We am thankful to God dat da tree did not go frew da winder.

 Dis is owr Magnolia tree in da front yard.  Not a happy Magnolia.  She looks a little better alreddy dis afternoon after da snows melted off.

 Here is some more branches dat snapped off.  Da Maple trees all were touching da ground.  Branches are all ofur da place.  We can't go owtside today cuz stuff keeps falling off da trees.  It sure is purrty today though!

So today we am taking it Easy Like Sunday Morning!

Purrs to efurryone!

~Beau Beau an Angie


  1. Wow! What a storm! We hope that you guys still have power! We read that some places have lost power.

    We're glad that the tree didn't come through your winder.

    Luf, Us

  2. Holy COD!! This weird weather is so...wierd!!! Time to stay safe indoors and hope for spring.
    Oh, Mommy says "snow" is a four letter word.

  3. Goodness, what a mess. Hope the trees will be ok after the snow melts. So much weight on the branches, hope they do OK.

    Stay safe.

  4. Oh my, falling branches? Those scare us! We are SO lucky the snows JUST missed us...

  5. Wow! It doesn't look like the beans are going to have an easy Sunday! We got a dusting here, which was washed away by rain. Its just way too early for snow!

  6. What the heck?! This is way to early for a snow fall like this. I sure hope this isn't a show of what is to come. If so it is going to be a long winter. Sorry that so many of the beautiful trees had to fall from the heavy snow on the leaves. Stay warm and safe.

  7. OMC! It's waaaay too early for all that snow! Poor trees. We hope it melts and things get back to normal.

  8. This is one bad early snow. We're glad you're all safe and the branch didn't injure any of you. Stay warm and safe.

  9. Those poor trees - they were not prepared for this wacky weather!

  10. Oh those poor trees just weren't quite ready for winter yet! They had no time to drop their leaves to keep so much snow from piling up! Stay warm and safe!

  11. That was some storm, huh? We had lots of trees and stuff down here in Norwalk, too! Where in CT are you guys?

  12. Hi there kitties, thanks for visiting my blog today and for your happy Gotcha wishes. Wow you had so much snow!!! We are glad that when the branches fell there wasn't any damage to your house and that nobody was hurt. We're following your blog now and look forward to getting to know you better :-)

  13. WE heard about the snow storm up there. Gosh we sure are glad none of the trees fell on your house. Hope it warms up soon and sends all that snow away. It is kind of pretty. But we know it isn't any fun. Happy Halloween in the snow.

  14. We just saw your comment on our bloggie about your being from Wallingford. We are waving back to you! :) It's always nice to meet our instate blogger friends.

    Happy Halloween!

  15. WE are so glad you are safe and didn't have any problems. WE are purring for you.

  16. Now THAT'S the kind of stuff we don't miss! We had to deal with that often when we lived up in western Massachusetts. It's better down here in North Carolina, though it's funny, as a former New Englander, to see the panic when a light coating of snow covers the area!

  17. Teri got to see snow up in CT too cuz she was visiting friends that weekend...she still has to post pix and other than your poor trees, she loved the sunny, golden photo of Angie on the deck and the dreamy one of Beau Beau gazing out the window...