Sunday, July 07, 2013

Independence Day Weekend Hot Hot Hot

It's hot hot hot here in Connecticat, USA.  We don't care cuz we are so happy dat it's not snowing!!!  So don't mind me while I  clean up mine face after all da good foods we been eatin' all weekend.  We has a rootine where da food man daddy cooks on da big fire fing and den he gives us some of da cooked stuff.  I haf decided I like dat better den da raw chick-hen lately.  So we been eatin' some fings called hot dogs, ham-burgs (cept da are not at all like da ham we like), and chick-hen.  Plus Beau Beau gets his assparagus cuz he's weerd.

Purrs to effuryone and hope yoo are all enjoying yur summer - or winter dependin' on what part of da werld yoo are in.



  1. We're dying to know: do cats get asparagus pee?

  2. That food sounds good. Mum likes asparagus but I don't.
    It is hot here too and I am spending all my time in the garden under the hedge where it is cooler.

  3. I was wondering the same thing as Katnip Lounge! I'll stick to meat, thank you!

  4. Enjoy your hots. I personally prefer it not to be too darned hot!

  5. Asparagus? That is weird! :)

  6. Hehehehehehe!! Our Mom likes asparagus, too! We are glad Beau likes it!
    Howdy from your TX furiends,

  7. Anonymous11:04 PM

    Asparagus? Yeah, you're right - Beau Beau is weird.
    Happy Cat Family

  8. Asparagus? Well, Moosey loves lettuce, so we can believe it, Beau Beau!

    Hope things cool off there soon ... today was a *little* cooler down here in Fairfield County!