Saturday, June 10, 2017

Teaghan and Tomas' First Week at Home

Teaghan and Tomas
Born 24-Feb-2017
First day of their new forever home - 03-Jun-2017

 Teaghan and Tomas (or Tommy) are now home!  Here's how their first week went: 

First, Mommy Brenda (MB) and Daddy (aka the food man) went to Mommy Colleen's (MC's) house to pick them up.  It was a 2-1/2 hr trip by car.  It was a pretty ride and they were excited to finally meet T & T and Mommy Colleen and MC's Mom too.  

Their first meeting was very nice.  Mommie Colleen brought T&T out with their furry beautiful Mom McKenzie.  She made them feel nice and relaxed and gave them lots of love while they were waiting to be introduced to the new 'rents.  Everyone was nice and relaxed before they went into the carrier to get ready for the ride to their new house.  This is the picture of the Ts with McKenzie in a carrier on the table while they all got to know each other's smells.

McKenzie, Tomas, and Teaghan (in the back)

After a nice visit, and lots of love and instructions and gifts, and more loves, and friendship, it was time to go. Here they are in their carrier while on the way to their new home. Teaghan was as quiet as could be while Tomas sang the song of his people every 5 minutes or so and tested the metal to make sure it would hold them both until they arrived at their new home.
Teaghan and Tomas in their carrier on the ride to their new home
Wow!  Once they got to their new home, they had the joy of discovering a new place to cozy up.  It was a gift from their new Godmother, Charlotte, who used to watch us and now will watch them sometimes when the 'rents go away on vacation.  They seemed to take to it quite well didn't they?  Look at Teaghan trying to get into the tube when Tomas had already claimed it as his own!

Yep - there was plenty of room in there for the both of them!

Eventually, they made their way to the bed and checked out everything from top to bottom!

One night they started to discover other things like the light.  Who knew that the little shiny things on the lamp would capture their attention so much?  

Little by little they settled in even more.  Look at Teaghan showing off her toesies!

By day 3 Teaghan was relaxed enuf to just fall asleep and hang out of the kitty condo!

By day 4, T&T were finally let out of the 'rents bedroom and access to Mommy's home office.  They really liked it in there cuz it was nice and bright and they were looking at all kinds of things out of the window including birdies flying by, and cars going by and birdies oh my!

Here they are again just chillin' out in their kitty condo after a big eating session and ready for some much needed sleep.

Then came the day they went to get their first visit with their new V.E.T.  Daddy was so happy cuz he got to finally hold Tomas!  Now you have to know that Daddy doesn't smile too much so this was a good time :-).  Everything checked out ok and we and they knew it would because Mommie Colleen is the bestest Mommie EVER and T&T were fine.

Day six and here are Teaghan and Tomas hanging out together in Mommies home office first thing in the morning.   

Every day is a new step and a new learning.  Some endings (leaving home) have to happen to have a new beginning (different home).  Love abounds always.  We learn and grow.  We live and love.
Now we leave these two lovely blessed kittens to start their new journey.

Stay tuned for the beginning of their new blog and a journey into their new lives.

Purrs and love from over the bridge,
Beau Beau and Angie


  1. They are adorable and I'm in love! They remind me so much of Eric and Flynn's early days when they explored everything together before snuggling together.

    1. They remind me so much of Eric and Flynn when I look at them too :-) I'll have to look back at their kitten pics to see the antics they used to do. Having kittens is a big getting used to LOL!

  2. Oh look at how gorgeous they are! And yes, we are reminded of Eric and Flynn (but with more furs!)

  3. OMC, what a SQUEEFEST! Those two are so adorable and they seem to have adjusted instantly to their new home and wonderful family!

  4. They are so adorable, I look forward to watching them grow.

  5. Oh my, how cute are those two, too cute, too fluffy, too adorable [we can't let the P.A. see them, she'll be heading off to adopt some more kitties! MOL] Thanks so much fur sharing their furst week in their new home, it was just precious!!!

    Bestest purrs

    Basil & Co xox

  6. how exsiting! 2 noo purrsonalities! dey looks like dey r's furry bonded

  7. Anonymous6:41 PM

    They're gawjus. We're glad they have a pawsum luvvin' furever home. Big hugs

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  8. Aw, welcome Teaghan and Tomas! We can see you both will be very happy in your new home.

  9. OMC, Teaghan and Tomas are adorable! I can tell they are settling in nicely, just as two kittens should. I'm so looking forward to seeing them grow up!

  10. We are so happy to know Teaghan and Tomas are home and they look so happy!!!

  11. How nice to meet Teaghan and Tomas. We know you are happy to have kittens back in the house. They look very happy in their new home.

  12. whitefish waves two ewe TT; how kewl iz it that we live in...TT !!! we iz buzzed happee two see ewe both anda HAPPEE GOTCHA DAY WELCOME HOME ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺~~~~~~ we look forwerd ta reedin way mor bout ya both; yur first post iz awesum; yur fotoz iz price lezz; happee blog day N eat sum perch pizza pie just ...coz ~~~~~~~ ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  13. They are so cute! Curious minds want to know how did you get MacKenzie out of the carrier without T&T escaping?

    1. T&T came out first and went into a different carrier and McK went back to her room.

  14. We're so happy to meet you! Thank you for stopping by and introducing yourself. One picture was all it took to fall in love with T & T! They are purr-fect! As kittens, calling them TNT might be somewhat appropriate ;) When Bear was a kitten, I was constantly getting him out of messes and I felt like I had a couple toddlers ... but now that he's 11, I kind of miss it :)

  15. Welcome to your new home T&T, you got a grate place. Plus I am envy-us of that super wide window you have to sit in and watch your mum.

  16. Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos of there first day of coming home to their new house. They were so happy and were all over the place. Love seeing them both hiding out in the cat tree tunnel. Great post. Have a great rest of your weekend.
    World of Animals