Friday, February 27, 2009

Finally Friday Movin Day

Finally it's movin' day. Mommie says "take my hand and go with me."

But ferst we gots to go to Auntie Patty's howse? Why? Why we gots to go alla way to Auntie Patty's howse when owr new howse is only up da street? Yoo not gonna leave us at AP's are yoo? Yoo gonna come get us an bring us to da new howse rite?

We'll come wif yoo but don't leave us at APs too long K? An dare better be anofur refrigeramator dat I can sit up on like da king of da mountain at da new place. Plus yoo know we cats don't like change. An yoo all know how much I like mine office an cuddly place wif Powder. Am I gonna haf one of dem at da new place? huh Mom?

We will repurt back when we finally getz innernet aksess. Mom is bein' pawsitive bout efurryting but one brick wall after anofur keeps gettin frown up in front of her an Dad is sayin somefin bout AT&T igna.. ignarama.. oh some big werd for peoples dat don't know what dey are doin' keeps comin owt of her mouf. Mom am goin to rite a story bout all da brick walls dat pop up when yoo wants to get somefin new fur yurself. It must jus happen to hyoomans cuz we jus been havin fun jumpin in an owt of boxes an we don't see any brick walls at all. We jus see walls of boxes.

We am a little scared bout da ride alla way to Auntie Patties an back tho. Speshully cuz Angie likes to try to claw her way owt of da PTU till she makes her paws bleed. She am not a good traveler. So if efurryting goes well wif da closin' from one howse to anofur den we should be in owr new howse a little past dinner time. We expext treats an tuna tini's as a toast when we arrive an da beans say we can haf a big partay sometime soon after we settle in.
~Beau Beau & Angie


  1. We hope everything goes well and there are no more brick walls and that you get your innernets very soon. Just think what fun you will have with all those new places to explore.... and all those boxes!

  2. We wish you the very best traveling to your new home. We moved about three years ago and it was quite an adventure! You will have a great time in your new home!!!

  3. Beau Beau just relax and enjoy the ride! I wish you and Angie and your beans a smooth transition. I know it's hard, but in the end you'll be happy! Powder is gonna' teleport over to AP's and help you feel better!

  4. Good luck!!! We knows that efurrything will go smoothly (innernets too!). Stay safe.
    ~Meeko & Kiara

  5. Hang in there! By tonight you'll have a cat's dream -- a whole new house to explore. Plus you'll still have lots of boxes to climb in/on. So enjoy AP's for the day and just wait for tonight's treat and toast, with exploring for dessert.

    We wish your humans a smooth move.

  6. Good luck in the move and the traveling. I hope that everything goes well and smoothly!

  7. I hope everything goes smoothly and no more brick walls! I can't wait until you are all settled into your new place.

  8. beau beau, yoo an angie can come ofur my houze an hang out till dey are dun

  9. I am hoping by now you are all snuggled somewhere in your new home. Hope you get the ATT person to do something right.

  10. We sure hope yoo are now all settled in yoor new house and haf found yoor new office and snuggle place. Dad keeps saying bad words about AT&T too...we think dey is gonna disappear.

  11. Good luck with your movin day. I fink your mom and dad just need a couple of days to unpack the tuna.

    Enjoy your new digs.