Thursday, February 05, 2009

Talking Thursday

I'm telling yoo dare are too many fings going on around here dat I don't know where to starts. So to gibs yoo an update we am gettin' ready to moove. Fings are moovin quikly an da nice peoples from Ireland dat owned da howse we am moovin too am taking care of some of da fings so Mom says it am a GO. An owr howse sold in one day. We jus put on owr nice smiley face an showed dem around an dat wuz it.

Boxes are effurywhere. Dare am so many boxes we don't know which one to jump in ferst. We know dat Max da Psychokitty an Buddah has mooved many times so we might dare experteese. We did hear how dey gets to run like a herd of thundering elefants all ofur da new place rite away an we likes dat part furry much an reely am lookin' forward to dat.

Efurry day am a new fing. One day we finks we has to go bisitin wif Dad beans Sisfur while dey moove. Den da next fing we might not haf too but we will haf to stay in a room by owrselfs. One day we am moovin. One day we am not. One day Mom yells. One day Dad yells. One day peoples come to bisit. One day da beans go away. Angie am startin' to look a little scairt an worried. I finks dat's more da Mom gettin' worried.

Da one good fing is dat we will haf a big new yard jus as nice as da one we haf now. An we won't haf to ride in da metal monster far coz we am only moovin up da street. We could prolly walk if we had too but dat would be too scary.

So lots of fings happenin' so if yoo noticed we haf not been bisitin yur bloggie an aren't aroun too much dat's why. We will keep poppin in here an dare so we don't get too behind.
Happy Thankful Thursday to efurryone!

Pee Ess. If anyone has any helpful moovin stories pweeze tell us. Fankyoo.

Purrs, Beau Beau & Angie


  1. You don't want to live our moving story. Hundreds of miles, middle of summer, PTU's and drugs.
    But if you must read it, here it is...
    Powder is on the bloggie today!

  2. I has no movin stories, cause I has only lived in my one house.

    It sounds very exciting Beau and Angie. We are super duper pleased to hear that you got to buy the house you want, and that somebuddy fell in love with your house and bought it quickly.

    Good luck with the plans, and tell your mom and dad to relax. My mums suggestion is that even if you moving close (once she moved across the road from number 1 to number 2), is that you always hire a mover to help. It is exhausting to have to pack, then clean the old place and then unpack, that it is worth the money to have somebuddy help you move in.

    Good luck friends, we can't wait to hear about your moving.

  3. up the street is good - no long metal machine ride!

  4. We should post our movin' story sometime, from Orygun to Virginny, 5 days, kitty escaped at a gas station but we corralled him, human had to use our litterbox cuz we got stuck in traffic...don't tell Teri we told ya...

    Coco and the rest of her entourage at Furrydance

  5. I hope your moving plan will be going well~!!!
    It will be long,
    also, I shall happy for you finding the house you want~

  6. Nola says:

    i haf a moovin storie u woon't belief! Afta i wuz in London, Englund 4 1-1/2 yeers, the beans were told ta moov back to da Big Appl (dat's NYC). So, I gotta go in dis HUGE crate-lik box (no metal dis time). Spend a day bein processed (uphemism 4 probed and prodded and naps disturbed). Get to sleep, not well cuz i is nurfus, ovanite. Den i get stuck in the hold of the big bird and we fly (so i wuz told - couldn't cee nuffin). Afta more processing (more probin and proddin and no nappin), dis nice ladi takes me in a van al da wa up to Middletown, CT, from NYC. In a snowstorm, no less. So, i is back wher i wuz 1-1/2 yeers ago, livin w/ mi man bean's mom. Don't kno fur ho long or if i ever get 2 liv in NYC agin. Bean's mom sais she don't kno eifer; if she duz, she ain't telin me. Moovin up the rode is a piece of cheese (but i can't eat cheese, so don't kno iff gud thing or bad - jus a saiing i herd).

  7. maybe yor mom can gif yoo a stroller ride down the street

  8. Wowie! You do have lots of excitement going on. It's great that you were able to sell your house so quickly, especially in this housing market.

  9. Hmm, none of us kitties haf ever moved...we heard Zippy say dat Punkin din't haf a clue what was going one when she went from da old house to da new one. One day da bedroom was cleaned out and she was left alone and a couple hours later she was at da new place only da bedroom looked da same and hadded da same box and bed and desk and stuff. But she was locked in der and she heard all kinda weerd noises outside of da room and den da door opened and she realized dat all da stuff from da old house was in da new house...and she gots to asplore all over.

  10. I hope your move goes easily. Ours did. The only down side was then that male person that I hate was around all the time...

  11. label the boxes, put as many details as you can. Try to keep things together. We have moved lots of times but they were short moves but still, you have to pack everything up.
    make lots of lists of things to pack last minute and what you need right when you arrive. Try to label those boxes... remember linens and stuff you will need right away. Ireland sounds marvy!

    Love and purrrs

    (moving companies usually have some nice booklets and pamplets about preparations and organization. Call a few for estimates and they will give you the goodies)

  12. OH LOL I thought you were MOVING to Ireland hahahahaha
    I hope the move goes well!
    big yard sound purrrrrfect

  13. We don't know anything about moovin cuz we only moved furrom our furr mum to our forever home when we wuz teensie little babies.It sounds exciting. Can we come and play THoE in your new house wiv you?

  14. We recommend labeling EFURRYTHING!!! It will make it MUCH easier. (We's in the middle of unpacking rite now. An will be mofing,again, in 6 monfs.) Momma closed us in a room while she could, but when it came time to moof owt alla the boxes and stuff, we wented to anofer howse to stay safe. Also....hire peeps!!! Money furry well spent. Good Luck and haf fun explorin' the new place!!
    ~Meeko & Kiara

    pee ess: Owr longest moof (so far) wuz 7 hours (to grammie's) then 14 hours (wif a hotel stay) to owr new howse.

  15. *woo hoo*
    We don't have no movin stories to tell yoo, we kinda like da peaceful day to day we have rite here..

    our deepest purrs to yoo and Angies


  16. Exciting you are getting a new house. Can't help you with the move. I only moved in here, mum hasn't moved since she got me.

  17. You don't wanna hear my movin' story either. It's alot like Parker's but without the drugs.

    I hate movin' I hope to never have to do it again.

    I'll give you one of my yappers to take with you if'n you'd like. It'll distract you so much you'll forget all about the movin'

  18. Wow! You guys have a whole lot going on!

  19. The M-word sux. But it's survivable...obviously since I'm still here after :::counts::: seven times, and a couple of those clear across the country and back.

    The worst part is knowing something is happening but not being able to do anything about it. Then you get locked in a room with Buddah, and that REALLY sux. When you come out it's like DOOOD! WHO TOOK OUR STUFF! and then you get shoved into a PTU.

    That's when it gets scary. You kinda kno it's the m-wrod, but then you think "What if we're going to the stabby place?" And that's a horrible thought. And then you get to the new place and even though it's fun to explore, it's a little scary too. My people have learned that once they take us to the new house, there's no going in and out the door a lot, just a lot of watching the kitties run around and keeping an eye to make sure they don't seriously freak.

    Oh, and there must be crunchy treats. That always helps when you get to a new place.

    A couple days later, you'll start to relax again. Keep begging for treats, though, 'cause the people might still feel bad and give them to you.

  20. How exciting! We are happy your house sold so quickly and moving is going well! Be sure to show us some pictures when you get there!

  21. Moving is no fun, but we hope things calm down for all of you so you can enjoy your move.

  22. That's wonderful that everything seems to be going smoothly with your move! That's amazing that your house sold in 1 day!

    Best wishes. I'm glad you're not moving very far!

  23. Oh, you guys are moving! That means a lot of work for efurryone! We don't have tips, 'cos we didn't move in our short lifes. We're sure it'll work out fine and you'll be thundering through the new place immediately!
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli