Sunday, May 21, 2006

What's in the box?

Sniff, Sniff, sniff sniff sniff, shake tail, sniff. What the heck is this stuff? What smells so good? Hmmmmm corn! Chew Chew, spit, spit, chew chew chew.

Mom: Hey kids get out of the box! You can't be chewing those leaves. You will be spitting up corn leaves all night. I know the fresh food smells good but there's no stinky goodness in there. Only veggies and you kids like meat.

Beau Beau: But mom you knows I like squash. I eat it efurrytime it falls onna floor when you is cookin'.

Angie: Boy these corn leaves tastes furry good. chew chew, lick lick, spit.

Mom: I tried to get the corn leaves out of her mouth but it was too late and she had swallowed it up and finished it off with a big gulp. We'll see what happens later.

Update: Nuffing happened. No barfies or nuffing. See, Mommy gots worried for nuffing. Lets see what happens to HER for eatin' the corn! ~Angie


  1. Corn leaves? You actually get real corn? I thought corn grew in cans or bags since that's all the human pet ever brings home from that far off land of H.E.B. You'll have to educate me, Beau and Angelica!

  2. Wow, I bet they'd be fun to pounce on the floor, too. I ate a piece of all-live. Maybe corn husk is like grass. I'll have to try some an see.

  3. I think I'd like to try corn leaves. I bet they're very tasty.

  4. Anonymous12:58 AM

    Angie, you have some strange taste buds. Are you on a diet? Ow!
    ~ moose

    I've told him a million times to never ask a lady that question. He's so dumb. I like to get a taste of anything new, too.
    ~ nala

  5. Corn leaves - Trixie loves corn leaves - and lettuce and cant-elope, and all-lives. Must be a girl thing.

  6. So what happened later? Am you alright?

  7. We kinda like the all-lives. Meeko just licks, licks, and licks it. Tink, the cat that came way before, LOVED all-lives. She would try to stick her head into Momma's mouf to get them.

  8. We probably don't want to know what happens to the corn they eat. ~Merlin, Shadow, KO Ko

  9. We've never had corn leaves before. One time, when my Auntie was over and making tacos with my mom, they left an open bag of corn tortilla chips on the table. When my mom saw me sniffing them, she said, "GET DOWN, KUKKA! NO!"

    My Auntie told her, "Don't worry...cats don't eat corn chips!"

    When they turned back to the stove, I stuck my head in the bag and started crunching.

    Cats don't eat corn chips? Whatever, Auntie...

  10. Right Kukka! When they say stuff like that you gotta show them wrong! Heh Heh. Angie & Beau you did a good job inspecting that big box even though it didn't have much for you in it. Cuold be aliums for bugs or practically anything in there. You were protecting the house!

  11. Glad you didn't get the barfies. Daddy calls corn the "great undigestable food" - we have no idea what that means.

  12. Yeah Kukka. We cats know. We try an eat efurrything. Nefer know if it will taste like stinky goodness.