Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thirteen Things

13 Things I'm Thankful for:
1. All dose logs didn't fall on me when I wuz hiding.
2. I can go owtside now wifout a harness
3. I get to play run around da howse and someone chases me and brings me back inside. I'm lucky to haf someone who cares.
4. My yard is reeeeely big.
5. I haf a nice deck to look owt ofur my big yard.
6. I can still look owtside at my yard efun when dey keep me inside all day while they are owt earning more money for mine stinky goodness.
7. Did I tell yoo how big mine yard is?
8. When I come inside from playing catch da bees owtside there is stinky goodness available to me.
9. Beau Beau cleans me up when I come in from owtside.
10. Becoz Beau Beau cleans me up he takes haf my furs wif him so I don't haf so many hairballs YUK!
11. There are many wood fings unner owr deck so I can sharpen mine claws to keep away evil introoders.
12. There are many big fleurs an fings I can hide in for cover when da evil introoders come into mine yard.
13. Lastly, I'm fankful for all da prayers da beans say efurrytime I'm owtside so I don't run away or get eaten by an evil introoder like a fox or a vishus deer or somefin.

Don't worry. I always has snoopervision when I go owtside jus like Eric an Flynn efun tho dare yard is a squillion times bigger den my yard!



  1. Angie

    We couldn't see your pictures...I don't know if it our com-poo-doddle or if it blogger.

    Don't forget to come over and visit us we have a surprise for you.


  2. Oh look it--I think you love your nice big yard. I wish Momma would let me out to play.

  3. I am glad you are always supervised outside, Angie. Outside can be very dangerous! I do love going out on my harness or in my stroller, though.

  4. Big harness.....bug catching!!! What fun!! And we'd love to see you running away from mom when she tries to catch you. Tell her it's good exercise!

  5. Those are great things to be thankful for. You're one lucky girl, Angie.

  6. Thank you for being careful Angie. I would want help with my furs too if I was long haired like you.

  7. You get to go outside withtout your harness on? Wow, you are brave.

  8. I was worried all that wood fell on you when I first saw that picture. Have fun outside.

  9. Lucky that you go outside.I'm glad you have your beans with you.I would like to go outside.

  10. WOWY - you are furry lucky to go outside! So how big is yer yard?

  11. Awesome Angie. Sounds like you are having fun in your backyard. I has a cat door and I can run in and out whenever I want. I still run away from my mum if she wants me to come inside - as thems the rules if your parents come chasing.

  12. Angie, you are lucky! I would love to run in our yard!