Sunday, September 07, 2008

Mancat Monday

It seems like dare am a problem wif mine food plate.  Like it seems to be emtee.  I reely presheeate food in massive purtions an I am still hungry.  I may haf to leave go hunting in da basement for some more of dat pink insoolation to show mine displeasure.  Dat always gets dare attenshun.

We also got dis award from a furry speshul friend, Karen Jo
We are so honored and we are so glad that our friends love our blog.  This whole blogging thing has been so much fun and we have learned so much about cats, and people, and other species, and sharing, and loving, and writing, and just about efurrything!  We aim to make people laugh, and to share our experiences and hope that something that we have done will help someone to learn something or just enjoy our antics.  This has been such a wonderful sharing of community we don't know how we ever got along without it.

OK enuff of da sappy stuff, get on wif da rules hyooman lady.

Alright Beau Beau, here are the rules:

1. The winner can put the logo on his/her blog
2. Link the person you received your award from

3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs

4. Put links of those blogs on yours, and

5. Leave a message on the blogs that you've nominated

Geez, dis is a lot of werk.  But it's only four more bloggies den when I say three nice fings rite?

Well, here are some of owr favrit.  We gots lots of favrits and lots haf alreddy got da award so we picks deze: 

1) PoppyQ we love yoo!
2) Bubbles and Mrs B. coz like we alreddy said dey gots lots of nice furniture an a nice pretty background of demselves on dare bloggie.
3) Pumpkin from Hawhyee who we love dearly an has Quincy fevvers.
4) Shilgiah the Huntress - look at dat beauty.
5) Tybalt of course for being so smart.
6) Honey - she's so cute an we loves her music!
7) William - he am so fun!



    I am SO honored! Thanks so much, Beau Beau and Angie! It means a whole lot coming from the two of you. (Although if I have to hear mommy squeal one more time over how handsome Beau Beau is I may have to go on a purr strike. ;) )

    Congrats on the award, you certainly do deserve it!

  2. fank yoo Beau Beau and Angie! hey i haf sum crunchies left in mine bowl, do yoo want to come ofur and eat?

  3. Anonymous8:18 AM

    We see we are not the only ones that have empty food plates sometimes. Congratulations on your award!

  4. Beau Beau
    We's always LUB LUB LUB yur bloggie! Concats of yur award yoo deeserve it. Yoo always make us smile and giggle wif deelites...we fink yoo is da gratest fink since cheddar cheese!


  5. yep, empty dishes are a big prollem in this house. it seems we haf a stinky goodness vacuum named BILLY living here now and there's never any leftovers to go snack on later in the day

  6. Congrats on your award. Now if only the good taste of others would make sure your human fed you enough...

  7. Aaack an empty bowl is bad, very very bad..
    Concats on your award.

  8. Congrats on the award! We've learned a lot of great stuff from blogging too.


  9. An empty food dish is a terrible sight!

  10. Oh no, we is giving you more work, cause you have more AWARDS on our blog! Please come by and pick them up!

  11. Oh no...we hate empty plates too! Dat is kinda mean, why won't dey give yoo more foods automatically.

  12. You deserve a big plate of food for getting such a fine award!

  13. We don't like empty food dishes either. We want to pass a law that there can be NO empty food dishes!

    Congrats on your award! It is well deserved!

    Wally, Ernie & Zoey

  14. Oh yeah, I had a look at that pink insulations many years ago.... many many many years ago.
    I hope you got some supplemental nourishments

  15. Oh noooooo, an empty plate, that is just unacceptable! Are they trying to starve you? Do what I do and sit by the empty bowl and mow VERY loudly until they have to do something about it!

  16. Thanks for the award Beau Beau and Angie! It is an honor and I give your blog a head butt every time mom lets me visit. It may be this weekend before mom lets me blog again...something about her own work...who's more important than me the princess of the house! Sheesh!!
    Your friend Shilgiah

  17. Not the pink stuff Beau Beau!
    That would get my beans attention too!

  18. congrats on the award--and i hope your food bowl gets nice and full soon--and not with the pink stuff from the basement :)

  19. Stay away from that Pink Panther stuff, Beau Beau. Just ask for more crunchies, okay?

  20. Thanks, guys! You're so sweet to think of me!

    Hope you got some more food, Beau Beau. :-)

  21. I loves you two too!! Smooches to you my sweet friends.

  22. empty plate! That is completely unacceptable. But...please don't eat any of that pink stuff!!!!!

  23. What's with the empty food bowl? Have you explained to your human that her job is to keep you in edibles? Did she snore through it?

    Now we wouldn't say anything, but this isn't her first infraction.

  24. Beau Beau, I seem to be having the same problem with my plate! Only, I chew on the threads hanging underneath the chair - the beans get real upset then and feed me to make me stop.