Monday, December 22, 2008

Monday Madness

Yep - it wuz crazy snowin' here in Connecticat dis weekend. Dis picture wuz just da beginning. By da end of it dare wuz a squillion feet of snow an it wuz so high dat I would haf been losted in it. So I could not go owtside thsi whole weekend. It's a good fing too cuz yoo know who is not too good at openin' da window or door for me. Yoo can see to da left of da front door da window dat BB wuz in when he wuz lookin owt at me. But, I wuz safely inside frew dis whole icky storm.

Den we gots another surprize. Um, someone, we don't know who it wuz, we finks dare name is Someone, gots owr rug EXTREMELY SOILED! We don't know how dat could be! Don't yoo be tryin' to blame us on dis since yoo hasn't cleaned dis rug in a squillion years, mommie. It duz not seem to matter though duz it? See how pretty it looks now? Just needed to get a little xtra attenshun from da rug cleanin peeple.

We promise to keep it clean if yoo keep it clean too. We likes dis rug.


  1. Wow! A squillion feet?! That's way more than us although we have gotten enough to pretty much shut down Seattle.

  2. don't you just hate it when the people try and blame the kitties for the dirt in the house? SHEESH

  3. Ooooh . . . look at all that snow! Brrrr!

    The rug looks lovely and bright. I bet it smells interesting now, too.

  4. Gosh that snow looks cold, I'm glad you stayed inside all warm and cosy. Now you have a nice clean run to lie about on too!

    Whicky Wuudler

  5. We know yoo guys din't soil dat fact it was prolly a ploy to make da beans pay more green papers fur getting it clean. Dey should hafta pay yoo fur removing all da good smells dey removed. Sheesh, think of how hard it is to get something like dat to smell just right.

  6. Wow, a cleaning place that talks back!

  7. We know it wasn't you guys that got the rug dirty! Stay warm inside with all of that snow!!!

  8. Heh heh, that rug needs some cat hair on it now to make it smell right again!

    Happy Christmas!

    P.S. Wow that is a lot of snow! No snow here...

  9. Wowww.....
    that is so so beautiful new rug~!
    I like it!

    looks very very cold!!!
    What a big big snow you have!

  10. Wow you have more snow that we do, mum says we only have had 2 feets of snow so far this year. But that is 2 feets too many.

  11. Wow that was kinda rude for the carpet people to point out it was super soiled. They should be saying THANK YOU! It was an honor to clean your funk!

    Oh, and snow is evil.

  12. Wow! That's a lot of snow. You look pretty in the door ... stay inside where it's warm, that's what we do.

    Beautiful rug! We like rugs too ;)

  13. The rug looks very beautiful now. Maybe the rug cleaning man just put that note on so he could charge more for cleaning the pretty rug....hummm.

    Have a very Merry Christmas!

  14. Merry Christmas to you & your family.

    The Crew

  15. Anonymous5:40 PM

    "Wow" that's alot of snow.Love the pretty rug.Have a very Merry Christmas...Hugs

  16. Anonymous7:03 PM

    OH wow lucky you was on the insides! if that was just the beginning! wowie!
    hehe I thinks you need to have just a little blurkblurk on the rug to get that homely stink back :))


  17. Wat a Chrissymousey rug!


  18. Anonymous7:41 AM

    Well, you wouldn't send a rug to be cleaned unless it was dirty, would you? Of course, it was soiled!

    PS. This post just showed up in our reader today! 2 days after you posted it... We also had to try to log in about 9 times before blogger let us. What's up with that?

  19. Just dropped by again to say:-

    We wish you all a Very Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

    Good will to all living things!

    Whicky Wuudler & Family

  20. Mmm, white fur on red rug. Not to worry, it will never be noticed.

    Merry Meowy (and cozy, cuddly, warm) Christmas to each and every one of you...

    from all of us,
    Maggy and Zoey and Ann

  21. Wow! Snow!
    There never is any snow here! Can I go over and pway in the snow?
    Haha...I hope no one soils the wug anymore.