Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Things on Tuesday

First, I'm sorry I didn't try harder to open da window to let yoo in Angie.
"dat's ok Beau Beau . I'll get yoo next time." Heh heh.

Da next fing is did yoo know dat a cooked boneless pork roast will make a big SPLAT noise when it hits da floor? It is da funniest noise! It took a lot of heavin' an pullin on da strings dat it wuz wrapped in but I got it to where I wanted it to go. Da beans didn't fink it wuz so funny but I got to lick da floor.
An finally, I knows all yoo humans owt there likes to take lots of picshures wif yur flashy fings. Mom's first flashy fing is no more. But she has da charger and some batteries if anyone uses da same kind she used to have. It is da Kodak Li-Ion Rapid Battery charger wif da Kodak KLIC-5001 1800 mah 3.7V Li-ion battery (this one is almost new) and two KLIC-5000 Li-ion batteries. Those two were pretty used and don't last as long but you can try them out. They are yours free whoever can use them. First come first served. Just email us at bentleyblee at gmail dot com and we will send them to yoo. We used them with our Kodak DX700 easy share digital camera.


  1. I am so glad you are back inside and warm Angie!

  2. What a good boy you are, Beau Beau, to let Angie back inside. We are just picturing the sound of that yummy splat! nom...nom...nom...

  3. Beau Beau
    Dat is one of da kootest pixchurs we has seed of yoo...

    yoo is such a handsum kitty!


  4. You made inside yeah! And poor splat--my favorite (outside of ham)

  5. Whoa....that info about the roast is good to know!

  6. SPWAT! Hahaha....
    I wish I could twy that too!


  7. Glad you finally got in Angie, it's no fun being on the wrong side of the door.

    We shall have to work on making a roast go splat, it sounds like fun and yummy cleaning up the mess. ~S,S & C

  8. Anonymous2:09 PM

    mmmm... we loves boneless pork loin! We have never heard one go splat before! We bet that was a fun surprise!

  9. At last he let you in Angie!

    I'd love to hear that splat noise, I'm glad you got to lick the floor clean, bet it tasted good. Well done for hooking the pork roast to the floor - classy cats you are!

    Whicky Wuudler

  10. Anonymous4:22 PM

    oooh, there's a pork tenderloin headed for cooking any time now. we're gonna try to splat it!

  11. Hahahaha! That's funny about the roast going splat! We woulda like to seen that!

  12. We'z tried to open windows afore and it is really really hard. We don't think Beau Beau coulda opened da window fur yoo even if he tried. Hmm, pork roast splat...we'll hafta try dat one.

  13. Anonymous6:48 PM

    Ohh Angie you is too soft.. you knowz you will forget about it "next time" :))
    I bet the pork lickings was nommy Beau Beau! :))


  14. you 2 are so cute. I'm glad someone let you in!

  15. Oh wow I would REALLY like to make that sound and then lick up the remains! Mmmmmm....

  16. That is one "Splat" that I would like to hear!

  17. YUM pork.
    BeauBeau, you are a very very good kittyboy!

    purrr, Prinnie