Thursday, December 01, 2022

Thankful for our new house - Part IV of The Move


Thankful Thursday and our rest of the move from Connecticut to North Carolina story.

Tommy:  Well Mom told us we were stuck in the condo for 5-1/2 months. These pictures above are some of the ones from the last months in the condo. We had finally settled in somewhat but wanted to know where our stuff went to. Were we stuck in this condo forever? I started to get a little salty and was pushing the humans to get us going. But then I helped Daddy with work on the 'puter and then I was Salty, (not sandy) but happy.  Then one day, OH NO, things started going in boxes again. We got stuck in the baffroom, then we got put back into the purrison box and into the loud metal machine again! Where were going, were we finally getting going back home?

We both meowed for what seemed like hours until the car finally stopped and went into a dark noisy room. 

Teaghan:  Uh no, Tommy, it was only a five minute ride in the metal monster. Mom told me.

Tommy: Well it felt like forever.  Meow.  After the monster stopped making noises we got let out of our purrison box and put into a new place. Then WOW! What was this? We smelled our litter box! We smelled our old smells! Were we back to our old house again? We sniffed around and around and we found our beds and we found our old bed that still had our smells all over it. We jumped right up into our old old bed from when we were little kitties and settled right down.  We now had a new room with big windows to look outside again. 

Here we are all relaxed and happy with our new sunroom and some new stuff that we put our furs and smells all over again.  

We talked to each other and decided we like it here in our new house.  We are very thankful for our new place and enjoy it very much.

Some of our other favorite spots in the house:

Our new eating spot. Wait where is the food? I only see water here. Is this a trick?!

Teaghan found the bathroom. What's this? Is this a hidey spot?

Here is a nice room where we can look outside and watch people come down our road.  And sometimes we can see leezards out the window too.

This place feels and looks like our old spot where we wait for the food too. And the sun comes in and we can sit here and warm up or cool down. 

Thanks for reading our move from Connecticut to North Carolina. We hope you enjoyed it.

Ahhhhhh this is the life!

~Purrs,  Tommy and Teaghan


  1. You're back in your new/old home and that's fabulous. We're in the middle of construction here.

    Have a purrfect Thankful Thursday. Scritches to you both and my best to your peeps. ♥

  2. You two look so furry happy now. I have not had to be moved since I came home from the orphanage 10 years ago. But I hate the metal monster and going in the PTU to the V-E-T. I hope fur you, that Santa has made this the last fur-ever move. Precious

  3. Your new house is lovely, plenty of wonderful spots for kitties (and humans). We're glad you're all settled.

    BTW, we love your holiday header, looks like Ann's amazing work!

  4. OMCs double T's this is what I call great Southern Living. Such beautiful places to nap, mediate, hide and dream
    Hugs Cecilia

  5. PS I meant to say what a beautiful Header ! Wow

  6. Your new place sure does look nice and you both look super happy. Hey, your header is really terrific. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  7. Let's hope you don't have to go through that again! Love the last shot :)

  8. Your new house looks pawsome especially that sunroom!

  9. So glad you are home!

  10. WOW you guys sure do have a nice new house with tons of sunny spots to nap in! I'm thinking you are wondering whether Santa Paws knows you're in a new house and I can tell you HE KNOWS EVERYTHING so no worries!

    Hugs, Teddy

  11. Congrats on your new home ~ and sweet kitty photos ~ they are beautiful! Xo

    Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  12. Love your new header! Your new house looks lovely too with lots of good nap spots. I have enjoyed following the move.

  13. you two are adorable fluffballs! Glad to hear the move went well and was it ever worth it since you got an AMAZING sunroom!!

  14. Moving is not easy, i'm glad you have such a nice place!