Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Where's my food?

ACK! What the??? Is that all the food yur giving me? Where's the rest of it? I'm gonna starve with those puny portions. Look at me. I'm shrinking already! I think I'm going to be protesting loudly just when you least expect it. Yeah. Some surprise packages might be a good idea too. And where's my Tem-tay-shuns? I'm not liking this at all. I might have to put the bitey on somefing.

~Biffed Beau Beau


  1. oh beau beau! they didnt put yu on a D-I-E-T did they? dis d-i-e-t thing is becoming an ep-ee-dem-ic.wes kitties ars gonna hafta unite aginst this evil!

    yuki & kimiko

  2. Poor Beau Beau, that look on yer face is pure dis beeleef. Haf the beans cut yer food down? That's bad noos if'n thay haf.
    *whisper* If'n yer hungry yoo can teleport ofurr heer furr food an Tem-tay-shuns. We'll keep it kwiet.

  3. Pssst Beau Beau

    I'll give yu som of my tem-tay-shuns. I won't tell nobodies. I'll evens share my stinky gudness wif yu. Just teleport ofur and yu can have as much as yu wood like.


  4. Anonymous11:18 AM

    Oh no! That's not very good at all. I'll send you some of my food, I wouldn't want you to be hungry!!


  5. Hmmm, yes, you do look perturbed. And hungry!

  6. I gotted Temtayshuns too. Plus mum just gave me some turkey.

  7. Anonymous2:22 PM

    your on a diet because you weigh 13 1/2? no wonder you look stunned. that's what I weigh, and I think I'm purrfect.

    yeah, rite Grr. yur tummy's HUGE! you an Midnight been gainin' weight cause i let you two eat furrst cause i's a gennleman. that's why i'm only a tiny little 9 pownds. i shure hope they izzn't deepryvin' purrty Angie of food too!

  8. That look on your face says it all! Un-bee-leeve-able! Tell her you are a growing young man and you need your food.

  9. What a great photo. It says it all.

  10. What!? Time to bring out the barf!

  11. Oh no, a diet! A diet! That is just not right! You'll waste away! Teleport over and I'll share my stinky goodness with you!
    We poochy bellies haf to stick together!

  12. Anonymous4:18 PM

    Not another kitty suffering from the evils of d-i-e-t?! What is wrong with these humans. Don't they WANT us to be cuddly? I mean, you are hardly 21 lb like me, you are just a skinny young thing!

  13. great bast! don't they know the first three letters of diet are DIE?? do they want to find your withered body behind the couch, where you languished from lack of strength to pull yourself out?

    free beaubeau! free beaubeau! free beaubeau! *c'mon kitties--*

    free beaubeau! free beaubeau! *ouch! jeez, ma! i wasn't THAT loud, was i?*

    solidarity, brother!!--ed

    (yeah, an' he means SOLID, too--nitro>;-) *OW!!! cut it OUT, ed!*)

  14. Oh, Beau Beau! You should teleport ofur here an I'll share. Mom gifs us sum kinda food called "lite" (but it's still dark).
    Bro, that mite not be the best pictor fur arguin yur cause. It's, um, kinda, um, a widebody Wednesday kinda shot. Yur not fat, it's just that pictor.

  15. Pee Ess... Mom's firstest cat weighed 17 pounds an lifed 15 years. An he was an in an out cat, so he mighta lifed longer, efun at 17 pounds, if he'd stayed inside, but he wouldn't use a litter box so he had to go outside to, you know, go. So, um, oh yeah... 13.5 is more than me but not too much.

  16. Anonymous8:10 PM

    Poor Beau, you certainly look stunned. Mrs. B went to the vet yesterday and she lost 2 lbs! She now weighs 12.5 lbs. It does not sound like much, but she is a small boned kitty.
    Good Luck with the diet.

  17. oh no Beau Beau - you doesn't look like you can afford to lose any weight. you'll waste away.

  18. Start pooping on something. And keep pooping until they cave in and FEED you!!!

  19. Anonymous12:36 AM

    Your expression tells the whole story ... and very well!

  20. Anonymous6:13 AM

    Oh no....
    I just sneak out of this log so my owners can't read it over my shoulders.

  21. Anonymous12:03 PM

    You tell'em!