Friday, December 01, 2006

Now what's up?

Now what the heck is going on??? Why are all our sleeping spots, sittting spots, and hiding under fings now in the kitchen? Somefin is going on. And our food! Where did our food dishes go? You were giving us puny enuf amounts already and now our dishes are GONE!
I don't know but I'm staying right here until fings go back to normal.
That's it. I'm puttin the bitey on somefin.


  1. you better put the bitey on somefing Beau Beau. ofurrwise, they will move your house!!!

    Angie, you look furry cute in that basket!

  2. Anonymous12:03 PM

    Oh no! You must keep us informed of waht is happening!

  3. Anonymous12:17 PM

    Oh what is happening? We would be very scared. That's righ Beau, put the bitey on everything you can find.

  4. What is going on? Keep us posted Beau. Bitey on everything you can until you figure it out! Angie, keep hiding!

  5. Miss Angie yu look adorable as efur.

    Beau Beau yu has the kootest face!

    What in da werld is goin on at yur house? R yu gettin ready fur Santa?


  6. Oh gosh, that looks kind of scary. I'd put the bitey on everything if they took my food bowls away!
    ~~ Mini

  7. Oh Oh - this sounds like a desperate situation. If you need us to send you some emergency C.R.E.s (crunchies ready to eat) let us know -- Alberta, Sky, Blackie, Charlie and Maggie Fu

  8. Are you maybe moving? I hope not, that involves getting in the tomb and traveling. Please, do keep us posted.

    The Big Piney Woods Girls

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  10. What? No food??

    But you coulds starf to deaf.....!!

    P'haps your momma is putting up yur Kissymas Tree and all the deck-orashuns...?
    You could put the bitey on the tree like wot I does, Beau Beau!


  11. Anonymous4:52 PM

    we duzzn't no whut's goin' on, but we fink a comfy chair rite nexta the cold box fulla food is like a dreem come troo. c'mon offur ta our howse if ya needs sum food. our Lady hazzn't eaten the Temptations yet.

    purrs to beeyouteefull Angie!

    excellent bitey Beau Beau!
    Cocoa (aka "Bitey Boy")

  12. Is you getting new car-pet?
    If you do, be sure to yark up something on it right away.

  13. oh my, i wonder what is goin' on???

  14. Anonymous4:39 AM

    This is mysterious indeed!

  15. Uh oh, is MORE construkshun happening in yur howse? All kinds of stuffs got delivered to owr garage today. I heard Momma say we're getting new windows put in the liffing room tomorra. I hopes we still gotz owr birdie viewing place when they're done!

  16. Anonymous10:44 AM

    I don't know what's going on at your home.Yet if you need a quiet place to get away. You could come and visit there's plenty of food :)

  17. You bof haf good solutions to these strange events. We'd be the same way; Bonnie in a basket an me bitin sumfin.