Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Mean beta blogger

I put the bitey on beta blogger. That nasty beta blogger isn't letting us post to any beta blog. Just so you know. We tried and tried and it IS very trying to say the least. They must be doing it on purpose so that people will have to switch over or they won't be able to post. We didn't realize how attached we've become to everyone and it's furry frustrating to have communication cut off. Ok enuf of the morning rant. Everyone have a good day and hopefully things will be better later. To all those we couldn't post to, you're all in our thoughts and prayers. Be well.


  1. Anonymous8:00 AM

    Beau & Angie, Thanks so much for the secret paws stuff, it came Monday (Mom just wasn't home yesterday to post the stuff). I love it!!!!

  2. Beau Beau

    I is wif YU! Dis betablogger stuffie is fur da birdies. I still can't post to a betabogger.


    I fink we all needs to put da bitey on em!


  3. We will help put the bitey on it. We can't comment on the beta ones either...

  4. we will help put the bitey on beta blogger too, but it looks like you is doing a good job yourself.

  5. Anonymous10:26 AM

    Oh yes, Beta Blogger is going to get the bitey from ALL of the kitties!!! I understand and can relate to your frustrations!


  6. Anonymous1:30 PM

    Eep! Beau Beau's on the attack!
    Oh, no! We's gotten a few comments, but it's not nice to block our furiends! Can you comment as "another type"? Loggin in as a beta blogger is kinda slow, too, an when Bonnie an I take turns, switchin logins isn't as easy as it useta was.

    Blogger says what they intend to do to annoy us at

  7. Anonymous2:04 PM

    Meowm and I don't like Beta Blogger either. She emailed them and apparetnly Beta works better when using Forefox.....sheesh! Why can't it just be better!?

    Good job putting the bitey on it. Meowm and I will join you!

  8. Anonymous2:09 PM

    right now the beta won't let those of us non-betas comment as other or anon. either, so yesterday the Lady set us up with our own "kitties only" gmail account and e-mail address. we sign in to that once and sign into regular blogger once and then we can comment on all the blogs without even switching back and forth or entering any info. you two need a gmail email address and you'll be able to comment again.

    purrrs to Angie!
    good bitey Beau Beau!
    Cocoa (aka Bitey Boy)

  9. It realy stinks. We keep trying to talk to our friends too and we can't!

  10. Anonymous4:59 PM

    We keep getting hung up on comments too. Mom finally gave up the other night when she was posting. ~Merlin, SHadow, Ko KO

  11. Anonymous5:11 PM

    Well, I'm on beta now and I've been having trouble commenting too. You're right, it is frustrating and I don't want anykitty to think I haven't been visiting regularly.

    well here goes, will this comment work???

  12. Anonymous9:56 PM

    Oh Beay you always have the best expressions on you face. We LOVE this pictures.
    We have also had problems commenting on several blogs! It sucks.

  13. I found a trick. If you try to post and it acts like it doesn't know you, copy what you wrote, close the comments and then reload the blog. Go back into comments and choose anonymous first, paste your comment and cross your paws. That's what's working for me tonight (at least for the moment.)

  14. Anonymous10:07 PM

    We's on beta, momma started our bloggie on beta and we's sorry :(
    We haf teld dem dat arr frends can't koment. Hopes dey can fix it.

  15. This is why we went to wordpress - DKM was getting toooo grumpy!

  16. Anonymous12:12 AM

    I'm in the mood to put the bitey on something, too, and Blogger Beta seems just the thing! I'll join you!

  17. All the beta stuff makes me glad we have Haloscan for comments. We switched Buddah's blog to Beta to see what would far so good, but still. Kitties should be able to COMMENT!

  18. Anonymous6:49 AM

    Great picture! I love your expression.

    The Lady uses Firefox, and we are now on Blogger beta. She set it to accept all comments. We're getting comments, so it must work.

    Seriously, use Firefox. It's a lot nicer than Micro$oft's IE.

  19. We're partly there in fixing it so we can post to bouf.

  20. We used one of owr uvver emale addresses to open a google acownt an just chose a diffrunt passwerd an it seems to werk ok, but we yooshully copy owr comment furrst if it's on beta, just in case it duzn't werk furrst time.