Monday, December 04, 2006

Angie's Gotcha Day!

Today, December 4, is Angie's Gotcha day. One night last year I had a dream about a furry white cat. After that I couldn't get it out of my mind to adopt a cat. I started the process by looking on line and was subconciously looking for her. It was like an obsession with me to find a cat. My fiance and I went to the Meriden Humane Society which is a town over from us. Then we found Beau first. I thought he was the one even though he wasn't furry. Then I still had this burning obsession to go find another cat. Online I went again searching through tons of photos of cats. I ended up going back again to the shelter myself this time in December. I remember standing in the middle of the cat room with about a hundred cats around me. I kept looking around and then I felt paws on my leg. I looked down and there she was. She was stretching her arms up to me crying to be picked up. I reached down to pick her up and she clung to me for dear life. She kept schooching up on me till she was practically wrapped around my neck. I new then that she was the one I had been looking for.

Angelica is the most precious girl and she is such a little lady. She has the softest fur you could ever imagine and it unbelievably never gets tangled. I can't imagine how she ended up at the shelter in the first place. Maybe whoever had her had passed away because she is such a well behaved beautiful girl. We both needed each other to love and I thank God that she came into our lives and really believe that an Angel sent me to find her. Happy Gotcha Day beautiful Angie!
~Angie's Mom, Brenda

We've left a variety of Temptations out as a treat for the day for efurryone to snack on. So come on by and help yourself.


  1. Happy Gotcha day to you
    Happy Gotcha day to you
    Happy Gotcha day dear Angelica
    Happy Gotcha day to you!!!

    What a wonderful story. You were meant to be wif your mommy, it was fate. Those tem-tay-shuns look furry tasty. I fink I will haf a couple of the dairy ones - fank you furry much Angie and Beau! (and your momma too!) - Miles

  2. Happy Gotcha day Angelica... we think all those temptations look really yummy. We think we will try some. Thanks Angie, Beau & your Momma...

  3. Sometimes you just hafta go back and get a girl. Mommy had Riley all picked out, but saw that he kept playing with one other kitten in particular (a girl), so she begged Daddy to let her get the other little kitten too. He said okay as long as he could name me Tiki. So now I'm Daddy's little Tiki-Bird. Aren't little girls sweet? Happy Gotcha Day, Angie!

  4. Happy Gotcha day Angie. Fank yoo furr letting us try sum of yer tem-tay-shuns. We only get free types heer(beef,salmon and chicken) so it wuz nice to try sum diffrunt flavers

  5. Happy Gotcha Day, Angie! Thanks for the temptations, they are very very yummy.

    The Monsters

  6. Oh Angie

    This is yur speczial day. Happy GotchaDay. It sounds like yu found da purrfect Momma to love and care fur.
    Dat wuz a furry boo-tee-full pixchur of yu!
    Fank yu fur da tem-tat-shuns. They are our furry fave-O-rites.
    We's is all so happy dat yu are happy in yur furever home.
    Abby & the gang.

  7. Anonymous1:13 PM

    Happy Gotcha Day an thanks fur the yummy snacks too! that's one of the purrtiest picshures of you an i's gonna print it out ta look at lots. i thot you wuz an dream come true an yur story proofs that you really is.

  8. That's a furry nice story an bootiful pictor of Angie. Happy gotcha day, sweetie.
    Purrs an fanks fur the treats!

  9. Ooooo, HAPPY GOTCHA DAY BEYOOOTIFUL ANGIE! Don't let Beau Beau eat all the treats!

  10. Anonymous4:49 PM

    Happy happy gotcha day, pretty Angie!

    And thanks for the treats...mmm...crunch...gobble...

  11. Ohhhhhhh Happy Gotcha Day Angie!!! You picked just the right human bean!
    So THIS is where the Temp-tay-shuns are! Fankies lots!
    Mini, Boni, Pepi, Gree and Sanjee

  12. Happy Gotcha Day Angie!!! That was such a nice story about how you came to your home. And you sure are one pretty lady!

  13. Happy Gotcha Day Angie. You were lucky and picked a good bean to live with. Purrs to you.

  14. happy gotcha day, angie! what a clever puddin you was to pick the perfect mama!!

    blessings on you!

    purrs from all the meowers--
    nels, ed, nitro, & xing

  15. Happy gotcha day, Angie! You are a beautiful girl!


    Mmmmm....Temptations. My favorite.

  17. Angelica you did a good job of finding your forever home, and your name fits you. You are very pretty. Bet you are very cuddly too. Thanks for the treats, they are very good. A very Happy Gotcha day to you.


  18. Happy Gotcha Day Angelica!
    What a wonderful story your mom told about how you met.

  19. Anonymous1:55 AM

    Happy Gotcha Day Angie!! And thanks for the Temptations!

    I think you picked just the right person and she's very very lucky!

    Hope you had a good day with lots of treats and scritches and yummy things to eat!

  20. Anonymous4:21 AM

    Angie is a beautiful cat! She's very lucky to have found such a great person. What a wonderful story.

  21. Oh Angie -- happy belated Gotcha Day!
    You are sooo beeyoootiful in that picture!
    What a great story, and I'm so happy for you & your bean!


  22. Anonymous11:20 AM

    This is exactly my experience with my little Heather. She, too, clung to my neck and didn't let go. The Humane Society lady said, "Looks like you've been picked!" I was holding another kitty at the time, but it was clear to me too - I was wanted, and how - by someone! She was my little companion for 17 years. I wish you and Angie many happy years together.
    ~ tammara

  23. What a great story! We are so happy the you and Angie found eachother. She must have been looking for you just like you were searching for her.

    Happy Gotcha Day!

  24. Oh, Happy Gotcha Day, Angie! We're so happy you found a wonderful forever home. Max and I love treats, so we'll be right over.


  25. We're sorry we missed your Gotcha Day -- the Human's eyes are a bit moist reading your Gottcha story. Hope it was a real happy one and thanks for leaving the Temptations out for us. We gotta get our Human to get some of those. -- Alberta, Sky, Blackie, Charlie and Maggie Fu