Sunday, December 17, 2006

Happy Birthday

This is the Dad bean taking over for today. Today is Mommy's Birthday! Mommy got a beauutifuull card from Beau Beau and Angie, although I must admit they need to work on their penmanship. They both told me it was tough to write on the card with the pen. Beau Beau wanted to chew the pen but I got it out of his mouth quick enough. Beau Beau and Angie besides wishing Mommy a Happy Birthday want to thank her for all she does for them, playing with their favorite toys, buying toys and treats, feeding them sometimes when Daddy can't (sorry Daddy for walking on you five times this morning but we wanted to say Happy Birthday to Mommy at 4:30 am). We love you and thanks for giving us our forever home!
Daddy Bean

Beau Beau: Oh Mom how could you do this to me? I'm only letting you put this on my head since it's your purrthday.
Angie: There's no way she was getting that fing on my head!
Beau Beau: Here's a snowflake me an Angie made for you. If you click on the link it will take you to the snowflake place.


  1. Happy Purrfday to your Mommy! That am a furry pretty snowflake y'all maded fur her.

  2. Anonymous1:00 PM

    Oh, can I come ofur an wish yur mom a happy purrthday myself? I can't make a snowflake an I don't wanna wear a hat, but I'd love to rub her ankles an pounce Beau Beau.
    For yur mom:
    Hippo Birdy Two Ewes,
    Hippo Birdy Two Ewes,
    Hippo Birdy Deer Kitty Mom,
    Hippo Birdy Two Ewes.
    ... and many more!

  3. Anonymous1:37 PM

    Best wishes for your Mommy's birthday! I love the Christmas hat!

    (I must not be very good at making snowflakes because mine only had 6 parts!!!)

  4. Happy Purrthday to your mum, may she have many more. Plus your snowflake is purrty. Mine didn't look that good.

  5. Furry happy Purrday to yur Momma! Yu guys R so talented!! I didn't knoos U could rite. U will hafta comes ofur and teach me how to do it!!

    Beau Beau...U make a furry koot Sannta!!
    Tell yur Daddy bean to make a chrissmouse card outta dat one. He took a furry gud pixshur fur yur Momma of U!


  6. Happy Purrfday to yer mum.We hope she gets lots of nise fings today. That wuz a furry purrty snowflake yoo made furr her.Our mum sumtimes makes snowflakes on a diffrunt site cawled "Snowdays" We don't let her do it much cuz it means we can't visit owr frends blogs enuff if she hogs the compooter.

  7. Happy Purrfday to your mommy! YAY!

  8. Anonymous7:11 PM

    Happy Birfday ta yur momma! purrrrrs! Have a great day Beau Beau & Angie's momma!

  9. Happy purrthday to your momma!

    LOVE the snowflake!

  10. Happy Birthday to Beau and Angie's Mommy! She'd better appreciate that card cause it looks like you're really giving of yourself there Beau!

  11. Happy purrthday to you... that is a lovely snowflake. We didn't get Mom anything. How strange is it that our Moms share a birthday.

    Mia, Ghost & BG

    Happy Birthday! Sagattarians are the best...

    Other Birthday Mom ~ Jen

  12. Happyiest Birthday ever to your Momma.

    YOu look adorable in the Santa hat.


  13. Happy, Happy Birthday to your Mom! She's a very special lady!
    PS nice of you to do the hat thing for her.......

  14. Hippo Bird Day to Ewe
    Hippo Bird Day to Ewe
    Hippo Bird Day dear {all in a rush] Beau Beau and Angie's Mom!
    Hippo Bird Day to Ewe....

    Beau Beau - dude! Wassup wiff the hat??


  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your Mom!!!

  16. Happy birthday to Beau Beau & Angelica's mom!

  17. Anonymous1:28 AM

    Happy Birthday to your Mom. That is a very nice snowflake you made for her. I like your hat, Beau Beau, even if you don't.

  18. hey, am soo sorry,forgot to wish your mommy. Anyways, happy belated b'day Mommy. your cats are too gud.

    check out this funny video on christmas pet bash!. I hope u'll like it..

    God bless

  19. Anonymous2:32 PM

    Well, you did a whole lot better at getting the cat in the santa hat shot than I did! I finally had to fill it with catnip.

    That picture is absolutely adorable!

    Hope you are having a very Merry Christmas season Angie and Beau beau.

    *******p.s. DON'T click on Justin I think it's spam I made the mistake of thinking it was some ESL person and clicked on the site and just trust me on this it was not a happy experience.

  20. Anonymous5:19 PM

    Happy Birthday Beau and Angies mom. Wpw that Beau is so fotogenic.